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  1. Miragel

    For Acarthia

    The lions share of Tiatar and the Ducal Estate had already been evacuated prior to the final fights with Dreadrot and the Outsider, so with Elavir’s temporary elevation of station for three days, she hastily made the journey to the capitol to begin the final evacuations. Magic mirrors...
  2. Miragel

    March 2020 favorite moments

    This was certainly a memorable event! Congrats to Will and Suzanne, we're all looking forward to seeing what's next for Alliance Denver. Shout Outs: Blue Wolf: I always enjoy our chats, but it was really nice to get to talk about some of the challenges Blue Wolf faces as "the person who knows...
  3. Miragel

    The Tiberion Council Background and Explanation

    Additional Clarification: It was my assumption that most commoner PCs live inside of New Acarthia, or at least have major holdings there. If this is simply an uninformed assumption on my part, we could instead simply state within the Duchy of "Acarthia." The intent here is to make it open to...
  4. Miragel

    The Tiberion Council Background and Explanation

    I suspect you're not wrong.
  5. Miragel

    The Tiberion Council Background and Explanation

    It is what I'm implying yes. Those of the courts of the baronies live in said baronies. As this initiative is directed at the commoner players, the intent is to empower a focus on the location we play in, as opposed to those offstage locales. Now, that said, this council is a tool for the...
  6. Miragel

    The Tiberion Council Background and Explanation

    Thanks for the questions Jeff, I know you and others have proposed several, and I'll try to get to them all in this thread. I think it's worth mentioning that this council is intended to be something that evolves over time, I suspect the initial document I put together will be changed by the...
  7. Miragel

    The Tiberion Council Background and Explanation

    Less than a quarter of the game are nobles or on a noble track today, and that is okay. It shows organic growth in the community and the game world! It’s time that the game reflected that in a way that isn’t negatively impactful to the setting and its established social norms. The vast...
  8. Miragel

    A Call to Lead: Calling all New Acarthia Commoner Citizens

    Since 413, New Acarthia has been a place of experimentation and opportunity under Her Grace, Duchess Illiana Tiberion. She spoke of inclusion, experimentation, and responsible citizenry. It is in her honor that the Ducal Office, under the care of Ducal Regents, Baron Darius W. Rivervale and...
  9. Miragel

    A Duchy Mourns

    The Tiberion Family, and the Ducal Regents; Baroness K.W. Elavir and Baron Darius W. Rivervale invite the citizens of Acarthia to share in the memory of Her Grace, Duchess Illiana Tiberion on Friday February 7th, 420 at Midnight in Deepjug’s Tavern within New Acarthia. A Spirit Farewell...
  10. Miragel

    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    Well General Taylor gained the day. Walk him along, John, Carry him along. Well General Taylor he gained the day, Carry him to his bury'n ground. Tell me where you're stormy? Walk him along, John, carry him along. Tell me where you're stormy? Carry him to his bury'n ground. We'll dig his grave...
  11. Miragel

    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    Well, that just happened. I’m not sure that I have the words for this event, so I’ll just start with the Ball: This Masquerade Ball would not have happened if not for the Wayfarers. This was the 6th year we’ve done this event, and without going into much detail, DR (which Ray and I own here in...
  12. Miragel

    April 2019 favorite moments!!

    Was glad to be able to attend briefly. Thanks for all the well wishes for the doggo! Getting to finally attend a merchant guild meeting, and to apply some noble "civility" to it. I genuinely appreciate what the lco crafting system has done for the economy. It's helped me give my character...
  13. Miragel

    sad sad news

    I'm in shock over this whole thing. Jesse please let us know how or if we can help. Dont give up on the dream, there's always a way amd your community locally and nationally is behind you. /hugs -Juliet
  14. Miragel

    Continuing a discussion

    Goodman Velnix, It would be a pleasure to speak with you again. We shall reach out. Kindly, Baroness K.W.Elavir
  15. Miragel

    Location Location Location (Site Survey)

    Strongly in favor of Sky High on my end: The drive to Magic Sky is one I loathe, more because of the random back roads. The beds keep trying to kill us. There's no real full meal plan at Magic Sky and cooking/cleaning time takes a lot away from in game time Separation of the players is...
  16. Miragel

    October Poll

    As the team behind the ball and walk of the dead, we'd really love to chat in person about October Jesse if you can make some time this weekend (which I know is a big ask.) Sushi and real life is also just fine, but I know you're on a timeline here. We may have some suggestions given we just...
  17. Miragel

    Alliance in the Fall

    Lazy Acres is a wonderful site. I genuinely wish it was closer. I have too many things going on in September w/ Downfall and DR and the extra travel time is a deterrent for me, but that's based on my schedule that month, not on the site or Alliance. That said, here's some of the details for...
  18. Miragel

    Welcome to New Acarthia - Saturday Class for Newer Adventurers

    Goodman Belswin Torrid, I would much appreciate it if you were so inclined to write a blurb on how it works though! I would not want to misrepresent out beloved Acarthian manner of ensuring that all participants are compensated. Kindly, Baroness K. W. Elavir
  19. Miragel

    Site Cleanup Report for May

    Our cabin will have a cleaning checklist in it for the captains. When I finish that doc I'm happy to hand it to plot so that each cabin can also have a copy. If I get super motivated I'll laminate them :P
  20. Miragel

    Welcome to New Acarthia - Saturday Class for Newer Adventurers

    When - 10am Saturday Morning at the June Gather Where - The Tavern Why - See below Acarthia as a Kingdom has a longstanding tradition of excellence in education. Our Squires participate in a rigorous philosophical and practical course through their journey to Knighthood, and many of our Bards...