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  1. FOIGofWar

    Message from a Friend

    To the Worldwalkers of Icenia, I bring you grave news. The King of the Unseelie Court, King Mainor, has been slain in a vicious attack by Prince Rhinor. The Warlord Prince’s brutal assault on the Royal Court during the Midsummer Soiree has caused a rift in power in the Unseelie Court. In...
  2. FOIGofWar


    Ulthoc and Ivan packets come with extra Redemption. :-) Where did I leave my meds?
  3. FOIGofWar

    Casting Call: May 20th Event

    Hello everyone! This is you friendly neighborhood AHoP, who will be directing the next Ashbury event this season, "Making Waves." I have a number of roles available for the upcoming event, and will be looking for people intending to NPC that want something a little meatier to do. Members of...
  4. FOIGofWar

    My Sincere Appologies

    Not commenting on any lack of stamina on your part my friend... saying that no one person can do it all alone. A Fellowship is needed. All it takes is any one ten minute span of being unattended for our children to make a mess of the longhouse. I am beyond fortunate to have a talented...
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    A question for Dame Kailani

    Lord Squire, Be safe, enjoy yourself, and above all, ask your Liege what I told him before he courted my daughter. Consider it to apply. Baron Ulthoc Crownsmith
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    My Sincere Appologies

    The part I find most telling in all of this, is that those who have been most critical of the butt nobles of Ashbury who sit and do nothing and break the Code at will who were going to show us how it was done, should to totally and abysmally screw the pooch on their first real time anywhere...
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    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Tracey and I are in the pipe, five by five. See you all Friday.
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    New Props Department- Positions Available!

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen (and Collin Babcock)! My name is Tom, and I'm an... oh, wait, wrong forum. My name is Tom, and I'm the new Head of the Props Department for Alliance Headquarters. I am currently putting together an awesome, rock solid team to make Alliance HQ look shiny, new...
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    Oct Event Critique

    No grades, just for Mike V. :-) +First of all, I think the utilization of the site was good for the weather. A couple actions down by the river was good to stretch the field. +There seemed to be a good variation of effects, and a good utiliation of multiple weaknesses to allow everyone a...
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    Um, Not to be a bother, but...

    It was not you I was quoting, Dame Ezri. :thumbsup: In Honor and Valor, Baron Ulthoc Nordenn
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    Um, Not to be a bother, but...

    While I am neither Squire Jovunn's Liege, nor a Paladin, I am one of her Superiors, as well as her Father, and pretty good at investigating things myself if I do say so. From a third party witness: "It was after a tense amount of combat, and Squire Jovunn was relaxing with battle companions by...
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    Pre-registration for October event

    Re: Pre-registration for October event DEADLINE SUNDAY A definite on that Nordenn cabin, please. Tracey and I just preregged (as Thurisaz and Ulthoc, respectively) That's a half dozen for the Sable and Orr, and counting...
  13. FOIGofWar

    New Weapon Construction/Thrusting Tip Question

    Weapon Construction, pg 79, third column, third paragraph: "A thrusting tip may not be longer than it is in diameter. A thrusting tip must be at least 2 inches across, wider for two handed weapons." With the new weapon construction guidelines, it's reasonable to expect that the shaft of a...
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    looking to sell some stuff

    Goodman Quyri, I am interested in any of these items that are purely Earth Magics in nature. Please contact me with current bids. Baron Ulthoc Nordenn
  15. FOIGofWar

    Pre-registration for October event

    Just so others know, I'm PCing with some heavy shifting involved. Will prereg nxt wk.
  16. FOIGofWar

    Grade the Sept Event

    (When did we stop posting this thread?) So,with the understanding that A) I'm a hard grader and B) this is intended as helpful cnstructive criticism and not jackassery... C, possible C+. let's say 7 out of 10. Pros: -Overall, I thought the pacing was good. I know there was stuff I didn't get...
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    September Favorites!

    Welcome to the club, mate! :thumbsup:
  18. FOIGofWar

    Rquest from the Editor

    Hello Everyone! Eric Wolcott here, everyone's favorite paper-maker. Look, I've got a real problem reporting the news this time- Sadly, few of my journalists are land-bonded time elementals! I mean, come on now, good stories are hard to come by normally, let alone when people start zipping a...
  19. FOIGofWar

    September Favorites!

    A lot of times I feel kinda guilty playing this game. There's a ton of things happen that because of rank,or title, or ig experience, or having met all the right (and wrong) people, I feel like I'm dead center of attention and a lot of people are just watching "The Ulthoc Show." I really hope...
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    August Event Favorites!

    I apologize for being way late on this, I've been busy. I want to thank the Plot Team and all the staffers that do so insanely much more than anyone who hasn't been realizes. I want to thank my Crew- seriously, you guys are the reason i keep coming back. Black Forest- great seeing you...