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  1. Izzy

    Duchess’ Tournament 418

    Please add me to the melee list. Thank you.
  2. Izzy

    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Within minutes of the event starting learning that one of last handful survivors of Aelenterre had died her last death at the past gather you missed, and then being devastated, upset and angry at poor Ember for the majority of the event. The Tower of Doom/Pain mod part 1, being pushed beyond...
  3. Izzy

    October 17 favored moments!

    Izual/Izzy’s favorite moments Friday: -Sad to have missed the Muck and Mash stuff but definitely had a blast in the ghoul fight after the guild meetings were over. Also having a battle buddy in that fight who no matter how silly I was and what danger I hunted was always just behind my right...
  4. Izzy

    Food Package for the August Event!

    We'll run the Banks' special. 5sp each all you can eat.
  5. Izzy

    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    One of the things I keep seeing is people pointing out that the Flurry 3 rules as written do not support the positive impact you see it bringing to the game. I think if we worked together to get a better definition it might bring more people together in support of the rule. But as it is written...
  6. Izzy

    Shield Size Increase

    I tested my large shield from another LARP in our [.9] playtest and found the following. As I am a tall (6'3") fat fighter with 20+ years of boffer fighting experience. A normal Alliance standard shield does not passively provide me with great coverage for entire frame, yet that same sized...
  7. Izzy

    [.9] Flurry 3

    Hi Muir, I congratulate you on bringing up something that has driven me to stop lurking and actually post. First you indicate that attacking fast displays poor sportsmanship /cheating. This would indicate a local cultural point of view where you believe the game should have slower combat. I...
  8. Izzy

    May favored moments!

    This game felt so full and enjoyable even to my sleep deprived mind and body. As Izual: Having a discussion with Dia's Fae, she did sinister so well. Get totally shocked by seeing a Stone Elf and a bunch of strangers walking outside, notice the murder in Nyt's eyes, and decide to at least...
  9. Izzy

    April favored moments!

    Izual's Favorite Moments Surprise Parzivel, woohooo!!!! Easing back into Character, hear a heart wrenching scream in the distance, blood runs cold for just a moment before my heart rate spikes. Yup in the right headspace again. Damn I've missed this. Walking through town with Puck on elemental...
  10. Izzy

    Favored moments thread!

    "Elemental Blueberry... I hug one.... and take a bite.... (1 elemental blueberry) ouch, yummm." "You see Izual's lost sanity... awww **** this is gonna hurt." OOG in my head "I finally got the NPC at least tied of calling 15 chaos, what he is tagging out ****!" "What do you mean mom is here..."...
  11. Izzy

    MOD Day Dinner
  12. Izzy

    MOD Day Dinner

    Chips are already on my list, I'd say do something desserty. mmm
  13. Izzy

    MOD Day Dinner

    Up until I'm needed to NPC, then I might leave it out till its cold
  14. Izzy

    MOD Day Dinner

    Hi all, I am going to make some dinner for those of you on site Saturday evening. I'm gonna feed everyone I can, and all I ask is a donation if you can spare one, I'll set a tip jar out, or you can paypal me at Dinner is going to be Mexican, I'll be providing at least taco meat...
  15. Izzy


    I appreciate that Trace!
  16. Izzy


    Hey Jesse, would it be ok for me to make dinner for everyone who's at site on Saturday evening? I would plan to do it donation based, and would just need to use one of the cabins kitchenettes. Thinking like build your own taco/burrito bar, super easy.
  17. Izzy

    Denver Level Cap/Registrar Story into 2017?

    Personally as a PC, I would 100% always volunteer to help with the visitor intro mod, it was a lot of fun. I feel a little sorry for Tevas being on my flank and soaking all my death double taps. And hey he survived and wasn't my undead minion all game long, or was he?
  18. Izzy

    Denver Level Cap/Registrar Story into 2017?

    I support this as well, the visitors were great, it added a lot to our world and allowed for some great character RP. I would love to see them able to visit far more than than once a year!
  19. Izzy

    Lost and found for September 2016

    I lost/forgot a light blue tackle box with some personal makeup in it, I think it got put away with Monster camp, I'll check on it next event.
  20. Izzy

    OOG: Request from Guest Plot for Saturday

    Yup edited adding in the day.