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    >>> 11/16-11/17 CANCELLED! <<<

    >>> 11/16-11/17 CANCELLED! <<< Due to health & safety concerns, events this weekend are cancelled and will be rescheduled. It has been declared by "da man" to stay indoors as much as possible and to avoid going outside. Any preregs will be credited appropriately towards the next event. There...
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    Daggers... Whats the point??

    I used to always keep a minimum length dagger hidden in my armor just in case I was searched by someone like guards or had to be "empty handed" to a attend a meeting. Sometimes weapon length us an issue, say when you unexpectedly find yourself crawling through a narrow sewer tunnel. (I've been...
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    Greed is a Rushing River

    *Namrik sits idlely by, enjoying his ale. Musing over the babbling flow of baldy words that stream and pool about him. *Continues to observe those who speak, those who muse, and those who would be twisting flashy words in attempts to control the conversation.
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    General Manager Update

    Please join me in congratulating our new ASF General Manager, Anthea.
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    Open apology for 9/8

    When I took over the chapter, my goal statement was to create a support structure to provide the highest quality experience for everyone involved; from on boarding new players/volunteers, processing downtimes, supporting plot teams, etc... you get the idea. I also stated how much I care about...
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    Contact Information Updates

    We have updated all our contact addresses. (yes even working emails!) Also, is a link of explaining "who should I contact regarding this, that, or another thing" to help get everyone started off in the right direction. Contact Page Administration - Chapter
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    ingame letters and journals

    OOG - they have been scanned and if a member of your group sent me the contact info you will be recieving it. For those of you who didnt you will have to sort it out because its been long enough to give me your info. ((Yes you know who you are and are now in trouble with your groups)) :lol...
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    Tavern Meeting Notes

    How did i miss hearing about a "Stonehaven Encyclopedia" floating around?! deal namrik in for a copy
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    my thought is that if we are moving here then we are in serious need of more forum headers for ease of use.
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    Tavern Night

    id be interested depends on work schedule though...
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    *gives the nod to Vila* The real secret to this is using what you have available. if you can only come up with one really cool orc mask and outfit then why fight it? make the plot bend to what you have available. if you actually ask someone who isnt a purist stick jockey, what is more...
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    Can we recreate some of the old forum headers on here?
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    missing the old boards?

    making polls is a pita...