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    RIP, Brian Jacques ... e-12380763 The literary world lost one of it's greats today. Godspeed, Brian Jaques.
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    Board Newbie Question

    Ok, so I'm not familiar with this board, and I have a question. A lot of the forums show that I have unread posts because I haven't read every topic ever. Is there a way to clear that without going through the entire board? I'd like to be able to check for new postings in ARC or the Rules...
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    Training Routines

    Hey all, I was musing about the game a bit, and I hit on something that I thought might be worthwhile. Assuming that the average player goes to four events a year, and that they spend one day prepping for each game, that's a total of 16 out of 365 days a year spent not LARPing. Which means that...
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    Prosthetics and masks

    For my secondary character, a wylderkin, I'm bouncing between two ideas. One of the major issues that decides the question is the issue of prosthetics and masks. The first option, a rottweiler-kin, I can simply order a prosthetic from Northfurs. The second option is a little more difficult, as...
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    Sea/Or Romani Group?

    To all those who play a Romani in the Seattle/Oregon area, You've probably heard, but there's a huge influx of Romani coming to Oregon Alliance, enough so that we've created a Facebook group for ourselves. We've heard from Matt that there's already an established community of Gypsies in...
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    To all Merchants and Sellers

    Tacked to the wall of the bars and inn at Stillrun ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To all Merchants and Sellers of alchemy and weapons, I am looking to commission supplies for the trip to Stillrun. Among the items requested are three longbows, two daggers...
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    To all the Gypsy who have Facebook

    I wanted to announce that the Alliance Oregon Romani have a facebook group. At the moment we're discussing the organization of a Romani band and logistics for Gypsy Camp in October. Even if you don't want to be part of the band you're welcome to join the group. If you're interested, join up...
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    After the Faire Day

    Thanks to staff for everything at the faire day! I had a lot of fun. Can't wait for October!
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    Concerning the Romani and the matter of the Assassin

    To the Kris and all Romani of the Island, For many years now the storytellers of our people have spoken of the Assassin, the one who haunts the marches of this isle and stalked our cousin. Due to the brave inhabitants at Stillrun this man, Akrelta, was defeated. On May 2nd a trial was held...