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    Finale Favorites

    Some favorites from Stormbreak as a whole, too many more to list. In no particular order: Getting to play the game with players who only ever really knew me from my primary Alliance character (who is a literal psychopath and all-around not good guy) commenting about being pleasantly surprised...
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    Finale Favorites

    These guys know I love them, but very many thanks to Henry, Hoyce, Magdalen and Kyle for putting this wild ride together in the first place. Here’s some favs from the past event in no particular order: -Working with Ole to get justice for the dwarves and minimize casualties in the war. Yay...
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    Stormbreak may Event

    Mitzie & Eric Gibson to PC.
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    October event pre-reg

    Eric & Mitzie Gibson to PC Scarn and Mari.
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    Available from the Mages Guild

    The Imperial Mages Guild: Wyndael Guild Circle, Would like to remind the citizens of Wyndael that magical identification, ritual casting, and merchant services are available upon request. Relevant pricing is available at the Guild Hall. At this time the following battle magic scrolls are...
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    Pre-reg for August event

    Eric & Mitzie Gibson to PC
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    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    Eric & Mitzie Gibson to PC
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    Report on the Magical Ice

    Addendum: These cubes have been fueling the power of the Trolls by allowing them to heal from magical ice effects, amongst other things. This past gathering, adventurers discovered cubes being sought and utilized by the Orc invaders as well. It would be wise for the population to deny access...
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    Report on the Magical Ice

    Good People of Wyndael and beyond, Thanks to the efforts of those adventurers willing to lend the Mages Guild samples of the magical ice and the successful casting of a Lore ritual upon them, we are able to provide this additional information related to these interesting objects. A more...
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    Pre-reg for May event

    Paid for Eric & Mitzie Gibson Playing Greysen & Mari
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    Given the gravity of the situation and need to provide fire power against the trolls, I will advocate for additional incentive. All apprentices in good standing with the Wyndael Mages Guild able to assist in this task will be nominated for advancement to the High Sorcerer. Considering how...
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    Magical Ice Discovered

    To all good people of Wyndael, Magical objects in the form of unmelting ice cubes have recently been discovered in the area. They are commonly imbedded in the Troll threat we all face. These objects have resisted magical identification beyond that of a magical aura. Adventurers who have...
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    June 2-4 Event Pre-Registration List

    Paid to PC Scarn. Please add Mitzie Gibson to NPC list. We'll be arriving Saturday am. Eric
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    Summing up all my favs into one: All of the new interactions I was able to have with players from those I've known more than 20 years, and those I've just met this past weekend. Being able to play this long and still discover new things about the game to love is an amazing gift. Thanks to you...
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    reflections on the "end of the event" and narrative structure

    Tell us, and let us all tell each other, a story. If the story works best ending in a battle, great, but don't force it just because. Looking around on Sunday I didn't see too many faces looking disappointed at how it ended. There were a lot of emotions as to what's happening. Don't design...
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    Roleplay for Casting Spells

    Question on Magic Storm: Evocation spell without a particular element. Does the RP effect count as "Damage" or something other?
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    Ritual Scroll for Sale

    For Sale: Spell Store Ritual Scroll. Usable within the lands of Barran. Preferred offers would be exchange for ritual scroll(s) functioning within the lands of Icenia, Deadlands, or Caldaria. In lieu of other offers, coin would be acceptable. Contact the Order of the Scarlet Dawn with any...
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    Need help fron old school Syrrandor players.

    Hey folks, Any of the old school Syrrandor players remember playing an event with my MEW character Pax. This was way back in time, but hoping a few of you were there and can help me out. If you were there, please PM me? Thanks! Eric
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    October 21-23 Pre-Registration

    Hey folks, I can only Super-Saturday, but will sign up to NPC if that helps move anyone off the waitlist. Eric G.
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    October 9-11 Long Weekend Event and Season Closer Pre-Registration List

    Hey folks, don't seem name on the list, but I paid and prereged a while ago. Coming in on Saturday. Eric