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    Free Nerd Stuff!

    Hi guys... i'm moving apartments and in the process of getting rid of stuff i don't need.(decluttering) I got some free stuff for anyone who wants it. Only catch is that you need to contact me and set up a time to come get it before the 28th. I'm not moving it. Phone number is 612 282 2874...
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    like most gamers i'm all about getting things done on time... so i come to you at the last minute hoping someone has horns i can use for my mywe this weekend. thanks -dawson (ps sarcastic and trying to get into mywe mode!!)
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    Pre-registration open for August 5th-7th

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    What is this?

    seriously dude... best avatar ever.
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    Question for board.

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    Pre-Registration Closed! for the Soap Factory Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration Now open for the Soap Factory Event! completely understandable. thanks. -dawson
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    Pre-Registration Closed! for the Soap Factory Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration Now open for the Soap Factory Event! for us tavern folk... are there preset npcs? or do we create our own? -dawson
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    My wife is dead.

    I've slept for so long. I've dreamed worlds. I've dreamed heroes. Sadly, like my own reality all stories have ended in tragedy. In the end, I awake alone to this same fact. A beep... she takes me to my wife's home. She's not there. I learn of her death at the hands of the adventurers of Hope's...
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    Dungeons and Dragons Rife Fest... (my bday party)

    yeh its a long series... so hopefully 14 hours is enough. noon to 2am
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    Dungeons and Dragons Rife Fest... (my bday party)

    Time : Monday June 20 at 12:00pm - June 21 at 2:00am Location: 2236 e 86th st #25 Bloomington, MN More Info: Watching the complete animated DND series... eating pizzas, drinking beer, and engaging in some Mystery Science Theater 3000 style commentary. Show up whenever. Bring your A-Game...
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    Registration Still Open for June 24-26 Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration Open for June 24-26 Event! can you just throw me on as an NPC? it's a bit redundant to fill out a prereg if i dont need anything from logistics and you dont serve anything im allergic to. -dawson
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    Wide spread questions

    the issue... is why would you have that reaction to someone who is now your friend?
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    May Favorites!

    Had one of my best times yet NPCing and running mods. Some faves: 1. Marshaling the plant mod on saturday morning. You guys did awesome at that. (thanks again peter) 2. Both corrupt node mods. Very good fighting in those and seemed like a good challenge. 3. Golem games. That looked rough but...
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    Rides for Late May Chicago

    with it being too close for us leaving for our trip and with no clear travel arrangements, joe and i will not end up attending this event (thus won't be needing a ride). we're gonna brave the megabus. thanks for all the replies. hopefully we will catch you guys at another chicago event down the...
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    I found something and need some help.

    Adventurers of Hopes Reach, I was recently out spelunking about the countryside and have come across something that needs further investigation. After talking to some local merchants and farmers I think it may involve a murder. I'm not confident in investigating it alone. I don't want to...
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    Rides for Late May Chicago

    so if you are going my friend joe and i are more than willing to pay the estimated 30 each gas money for the trip. also we don't need the return trip so that will help with fuel economy on the way back. let me know. -dawson
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    Workday Saturday the 7th (1-4 PM)

    girlfriend needs the vehicle. won't be making it. -dawson :ninja: :emo:
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    Rides for Late May Chicago

    Hi all. Joe (my old roommate who plays dig) and myself were wondering if anyone had two open spots in their vehicle on the way to the Chicago game this month (27-29). We are of course willing to chip in on gas. Joe and I are leaving for Europe that Sunday and we fly out of Chicago... his sister...
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    Special Event at the Soap Factory. July 29th-31st

    so weird question... if our characters see a wizard in a modern suit... and our characters like the look... does that mean we can wear suits to game? :emo: :ninja:
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    Special Event at the Soap Factory. July 29th-31st

    found this about it...The Soap Factory Presents: The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP what in the world do they mean by that title?