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    Free Nerd Stuff!

    Hi guys... i'm moving apartments and in the process of getting rid of stuff i don't need.(decluttering) I got some free stuff for anyone who wants it. Only catch is that you need to contact me and set up a time to come get it before the 28th. I'm not moving it. Phone number is 612 282 2874...
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    like most gamers i'm all about getting things done on time... so i come to you at the last minute hoping someone has horns i can use for my mywe this weekend. thanks -dawson (ps sarcastic and trying to get into mywe mode!!)
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    My wife is dead.

    I've slept for so long. I've dreamed worlds. I've dreamed heroes. Sadly, like my own reality all stories have ended in tragedy. In the end, I awake alone to this same fact. A beep... she takes me to my wife's home. She's not there. I learn of her death at the hands of the adventurers of Hope's...
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    Dungeons and Dragons Rife Fest... (my bday party)

    Time : Monday June 20 at 12:00pm - June 21 at 2:00am Location: 2236 e 86th st #25 Bloomington, MN More Info: Watching the complete animated DND series... eating pizzas, drinking beer, and engaging in some Mystery Science Theater 3000 style commentary. Show up whenever. Bring your A-Game...
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    I found something and need some help.

    Adventurers of Hopes Reach, I was recently out spelunking about the countryside and have come across something that needs further investigation. After talking to some local merchants and farmers I think it may involve a murder. I'm not confident in investigating it alone. I don't want to...
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    Rides for Late May Chicago

    Hi all. Joe (my old roommate who plays dig) and myself were wondering if anyone had two open spots in their vehicle on the way to the Chicago game this month (27-29). We are of course willing to chip in on gas. Joe and I are leaving for Europe that Sunday and we fly out of Chicago... his sister...
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    Good fight with you folks....

    Had good fight with all you folks... but after raisin dem sword ginst my orc brothas not ever allowed in dem ranks 'gin. I travel dem wayside for a while. I had one idea for i go away. You folks got lots of people storm dat castle but only few dem folks leave with good spoils of da fight. I...
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    Friendly Plastic

    Everything else about making an orc has been fairly simple so far. The only thing i don't have yet is the teeth. I really could use some help. I know it's super last minute but if anyone has any extra friendly plastic they could bring with I would gladly buy it from them. Even better though...
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    Come Me From Da Hill

    Lots you hopes reach fokes don' know me. My name Oobee Wenchface. Since dem corrupt come out da land I lefted dat hopes reach area. I fought dem once and dem too hard alone. My family deaded so i retreateded. I lefted and found me a hill make me a home and just think. It cozy but gets me lone...
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    Push to SoMI?!

    I will be driving to the Southern Michigan November event. It is listed as 11/12 on their schedule.. So its the weekend before our banquet event. So far Adam R would be coming with me. Also as far as I've heard from them on the forums it is $50 to PC, free to NPC and $10 for food. I would have...
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    Teacher Card Question

    I have been doing a lot of work to get this trap, lock and generaly legerdemain geared scavenger hunt together. I even bought real medals for the awards. Unfortunately I didn't really think about how few players actually have legerdemain. Would it be okay for those with legerdemain and teacher...
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    Goblin Stamp Question

    With the same gobies I usually get cure lights with.... could I get traps or gasses? -dawson
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    Attention: 1st Slip Race (a scavenger hunt) CANCELED!!

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    Poker and Sliders!!

    No... I do not mean the gross little burgers from white castle. My invite on this occasion is to the most awesome event you will ever be invited to(probably not, but it makes me feel better). I am hosting a texas holdem game at my house. The same night I will be playing the 90's tv show sliders...
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    Wierd Question....borderline stupid question?

    Has anyone ever fought at an alliance event. I know it is highly frowned upon but I am just curious if things have ever gotten "serious" enough for people to go to blows... -Dawson
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    Leather Armor

    I have this photo i found on a german larp site. Wondering if anyone could make this. Don't need the green sleeves. Just want the tabbard/leather portion. Obviously want the best price, but also understand the value of the service. Would also pay USPS shipping(of course). I'm not at all talented...
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    Just wondering if there is a plan to take group or action photos. My camera isn't that great it would be awesome if this is planned. Even if someone is showing up with a good camera and is up for a few photos one afternoon i would be very greatful. Thanks for your time. -Dawson
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    Harbors Far Meat Sangwiches

    Next market day in Hope's Reach, 22nd to 24th of the 10th month I will be grilling beef patties and sausages for purchase at our camp. We will have some of the fixings. Tomato paste, mustard sauce, buns to slip your meat into..., amazing cheeses from the local farmers. Prices will be reasonable. :D
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    The Corrupt.

    After discussions with the gentleman that led us to the obelisk I learned something I was not aware of before. Prior to this occasion I had only fought the corrupt once. I wondered then about their hive-mind bond. Apparently there is a thing called "The Weave" which binds them. It also binds...
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    Just out of curiosity I was wondering if there was a blacksmith willing to silver a weapon for me. Not entirely sure what the going rate is... I just know that when a werewolf rolled into our camp we were nearly rolled because no one could affect it. -Lok of Harbors Far