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  1. Lillyfur

    March Dish Shifts

    Here we are! Dish shift sign ups for March. If you have yet to receive payment IG for last month's shift, please let me know! Lilliana will be paying people IG as well this event, and there will also be a special reward IG that will be given out at the feast, since there will be a lot of dishes...
  2. Lillyfur

    A Feast of Celebration

    (A handwritten notice is found posted around town) Rumerians! Thanks to the hard work of our local and visiting adventurers, the Blight that has so long threatened and destroyed our land has been defeated! A celebration will be held the evening of the second day of our next gathering, and will...
  3. Lillyfur

    Important March Tavern Information!

    Hello all! We finally defeated the blight, whoo! To celebrate, we're putting together a feast for Saturday evening. A big portion will be provided by the meal plan, but we're also looking for community involvement to help make this a fun celebration. In the style of a potluck, PCs and NPCs alike...
  4. Lillyfur

    A Call to All Rumeria

    [This letter can be found in-game posted around the Havenport-Shelterdoor and Dornwich areas, as well as in the dreaming] Rumerians, travelers, and mist-walkers, I am looking to create a compendium of information on the Blight. This menace has ravaged our lands for too long, and the lack of...
  5. Lillyfur

    January Dish Shifts

    Hello everyone! It's your favorite tavern mistress Lilliana here! January is going to be a BIG event with all of the travelers we have, so I want to get dishes scheduled out to make sure that the kitchen runs smoothly! I would like to have two people on each dish shift to speed up the process...