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  1. KodieH

    [IC - 6] A Bad Excuse is Better than None

    _______ in Hearth, Jhonas continues his teachings. _______REGION: THE FOXFIRE WOOD _______In the north east, at the foot of Mount Coldvein lay the crystalline forest known as the Foxfire Wood. Among different breeds of trees here, sparsely populated in small thickets of ten or twenty trees are...
  2. KodieH

    [IC - 5] A Bad Penny Always Turns Up

    _______ Jhonas returned to his position, teaching the Branded over the next few months. _______REGION: THE ETHERBRAK _______The Etherbrak is the name for a long stretch of bayou that borders Ethercroft’s southern coast, along the Ether Sea. Here, freshwater from the heart of the Coldvein...
  3. KodieH

    [IC - 4] . . .Is a dangerous thing

    _______ Once again, a document is left in small, stacked brochures for the Branded seeking information. _______REGION: COLDVEIN _______ The north-westernmost region of Ethercroft holds two of it’s largest native mountains- the larger of the two being Coldvein, and Chillvein the smaller...