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  1. ClockworkPhilosopher

    Ok, I am just gonna clarify a ton of stuff about the Elemental War real quick

    Hey everyone, this is Taios. I don't like doing this normally, but I am going to explain a bunch of stuff about the Elemental Wars, the Planar Knights, and the Guild of the Gifted because I am worried people aren't going to have the information that I do. I want people to know what is going on...
  2. ClockworkPhilosopher

    [IBGA] Library Research

    Greetings, honored guests from beyond the Storm, I am Protector Bentley Lessich of Popolos, and it has come to my attention that you will be staying with us for a time. If you're looking to make yourself acquainted with Kalinthas a bit more, you are welcome to use the library in Plimbare to...
  3. ClockworkPhilosopher

    For any who wish to be master Blacksmiths

    House of Games has an artifact for sale that is only truly useful for Blacksmiths. I also have information for sale on artifacts of a similar persuasion. Please contact me through a private missive for more information. -Taios, Goblin of the Golden Skull, Acting Treasurer of the House of Games
  4. ClockworkPhilosopher

    A Call to Arms

    Sorry about the cliché title, but I hope it at least got your attention. We did good fighting Bleak's forces this past market day, but we now are in a situation where Bleak controls territory in multiple lands. While this does mean he is fighting a war on two fronts, I worry that his power is...
  5. ClockworkPhilosopher

    Concerning Goblins

    This market day, it came to my attention that a large number of Goblins were slaughtered by some of the adventurers. While I understand that hunting goblins has been a large part of adventuring for a long time, I am asking the people of this town to cease this behavior. If you find that there...
  6. ClockworkPhilosopher

    Laws of the Kingdom

    At this most recent Market Day, I was forcibly enlightened to the fact that there are laws, both spoken and unspoken, that are not within my scope of knowledge. If anyone would be so kind as to enlighten me to the laws and regulations of our beloved lands, you would have my sincere thanks. -Taios
  7. ClockworkPhilosopher


    Hey everyone, Taios the Goblin here! I know that killing the littlest Greenskins is a fun pastime for many of you, but I have a request to make. Should you hear about a group of goblins causing trouble or anything of the like, instead of going and killing them, come and tell me about it and I...