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    Slays and Assassinates

    As my former fighter I took all the PTD skills. It allowed me to be great on modules where I think I lot of fighter/Rogue skills shine in combat a little more. In big wave battles I would imagine the BBG is statted to take on a bigger group of players so they would need to up their defense...
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    August event favorites!

    I had a great time at the Gettysburg event. -The Elven Meet and Greet. I used to play my human as my primary but to see so many different elves together was much more fun. -The tavern without a doubt was great -I could not have guessed I knew so many players in the chapter, I'm glad I got to...
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    Magic Item Free Campaigns

    This would draw me back from my plot retirement. It poses some awesome plot thoughts.
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    Been a while Alliance Larpers!

    That's the april 20th weekend right?
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    Been a while Alliance Larpers!

    Glad to see the Alliance is running strong... it seems that I just can't keep LARPing out of my everyday life. Just the other day I happened to be speaking with someone in a bookstore that mentioned if I larp'ed and they mentioned Alliance. Being a Dad has kept me at the edges of the LARPing...
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    Horror Movie about a LARP

    Looking thru my morning blogs about a week ago I came across a very disturbing movie about LARP'ers. Just watching the trailer gives me the creeps and I'm hoping there is a hero in the story somewhere because this movie while fictional paints very disturbing images. Click the link below for the...
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    Killing Blow with a Wand

    I'll bring this up with ARC.
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    Calling down wand damage

    A caster can reduce the amount of Damage they can throw with their Wands. eg. A 4 column caster can throw a maximum of 5 damage of whatever wand he is using 36 times with a basic wand. The caster can choose to throw less than their maximum amount but will still cost a Wand Charge...
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    Armor Maximums

    Monsters with the Natural Armor ability represents creatures who would have toughen hides... say like a rhino, a crab like monster or a super skeleton who had its bones bronzed in a necromancy ritual/ plot effect. It's possible to come across monsters with a high armor value over 40 points and...
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    Clarification about weapon carriers

    I'll pass this along to the rest of the ARC committee, Thanks! Justin-
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    wands continued

    A main reason why the physical wands need to be checked and dated is because there may be something on your wand that may be OOG dangerous so a chapter might not allow it into the game. We can have this broken up into a marshall tag and a weapon tag if it will clear up any confusion.
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    Wands, from the addendum

    Wands do not expire only the charges expire. You'll need to recharge your use of wands during each logistics period if you care to do so (A PC does not need a physical wand to get their charges at logistics). The date of a wands creation is for tracking and verifying that your wand was given the...
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    Looking for a floor to sleep on

    Thank you for your offer Wynter, I'm surprised that people that i've met thru the years have moved on to a more quiet life but I guess it happens to everyone sometime or another. ~Paythin~
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    Looking for a floor to sleep on

    Hello friends, I'm seeking lodging as I leave ashbury proper towards the fairdale area and wanted to know if there are still adventurers in the area who's willing to take in a road wary Black Unicorn. Paythin Allderin Warlord of the Order of the Black Unicorn
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    Journeyman Balcksmithing and Strengthening/Silvering.

    Silvering and Strengthing is a seperate cost and is not covered under the Blacksmith 10 and 20 capstones.
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    L4D - Survival Pack

    I tired L4D our for 360 last night, too bad no one else was on.
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    g4 underground

    I'd like to say that the G4 episode of alliance has now been saved forever in my Tivo. It was a very good segment and the entire time I was calling out peoples names that my wife and I knew from the game.
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    Copy Formal - Ritual Scroll

    There would be no need to up the difficulty as the scroll that's made from the copy will still need to be cast according to the ritual scroll level of the scroll you copied anyway. You can debate it under the rules forum at this time but this is not something that is currently broken.
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    staff vs polearm

    All classes can use staff