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    Been a while Alliance Larpers!

    Glad to see the Alliance is running strong... it seems that I just can't keep LARPing out of my everyday life. Just the other day I happened to be speaking with someone in a bookstore that mentioned if I larp'ed and they mentioned Alliance. Being a Dad has kept me at the edges of the LARPing...
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    Horror Movie about a LARP

    Looking thru my morning blogs about a week ago I came across a very disturbing movie about LARP'ers. Just watching the trailer gives me the creeps and I'm hoping there is a hero in the story somewhere because this movie while fictional paints very disturbing images. Click the link below for the...
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    Looking for a floor to sleep on

    Hello friends, I'm seeking lodging as I leave ashbury proper towards the fairdale area and wanted to know if there are still adventurers in the area who's willing to take in a road wary Black Unicorn. Paythin Allderin Warlord of the Order of the Black Unicorn
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    Any Web designers out in Alliance land?

    My office is looking for a Web designer to spruce up either their old website or to completely remake their entire site. Anyone have a portfolio available to take a look at, my manager wants to take a look at any previous work before any decisions can be made. Shoot me a PM is this is something...
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    A vampire, A werewolf and a ghost

    What happens when these 3 supernatural creatures get together under 1 roof! I would so watch this! Justin H-
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    Xbox 360 (Far Cry 2) Fair Play site

    After much editing I've completed the beta map of the Fair Play site in PA on the xbox 360 version of Far Cry 2. Tonight I'll be publishing the map to the pubic to play matches on. For all you alliance players on the east coast or for those who've visited the site you will have a leg up on the...
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    XBox 360 players (Far Cry 2)

    Hello xbox 360'ers, I know a few Alliance players have been getting together to hangout and try out some gaming with one another but a few games that's been mentioned sometimes haven't been able to support good sizes team play. I figured there has to be a game out there that would allow us to...
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    Shady deals with the Auto bailout

    Have a look at what someone mentioned in their Stock blog. A wag of the finger goes to the jerk who snuck some pork into our bills! I hope the bill gets a veto now! :evil: -Justin H-...
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    Information Regarding the Wheel of time series

    Article I saw online. Read below! Justin- Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series is headed to the big screen and video game systems. Film studio Red Eagle Entertainment readies not only big-screen adaptations of the novels, but video games as well. They've just launched Red Eagle Games, a video...
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    Far Cry 2 (Xbox360)

    Any Alliance members out there in the ethers got the game (Far Cry 2 XBOX 360)? I am a big fan of map making and I've been looking for people who would like to try out some death matches and team deathmatches on my creations. You can reach my gamer tag (kenderspoon) Shoot me a message, I...
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    Logistics Request

    Hey Mike, I know some people were having problems with logistics emails not being sent thru so I resent in my request today. My original request on the September 4th in case it got lost in the aethers. Justin H-
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    Keep an eye out for spam accounts

    There's been a spam account that's been posting on the board recently under the name (yuyotuiie). If you do see a post of his please report it to the forum moderators. Justin H-
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    Stop cluttering up my home with your dreams!

    Keep it down with your dreams they're cluttering up everything! Dreambeard
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    Need help with my studies, can you help?

    I seem to have lost my earth spell book. Can any one help me? I can buy you a drink in the tavern if you can help me replace my spell book or let me read from yours. I will be traveling in your area hopefully tomorrow. Tien Tien
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    Good tidings baronies of Blythedale, Nordenn and Ashforest

    I plan on traveling from the Black Unicorn Keep to the contested lands and hope that I may find lodging with one of your courts. It's been a long time since I have seen many of my friends and hope that all is well with everyone. Paythin Allderin~ Warlord of the Order of the Black Unicorn
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    Larping Olympics?

    Just got an email from this site. Have a look see everyone! Justin H- Hi – I am e-mailing you as a primary LARP contact. I would like to ask if you would post this to your message board or distribution list as appropriate, if you feel you and other players might be interested. I don’t...
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    I need some friendly help with naming!

    Ok... while I cannot tell you exactly what I am doing with this personal pet project of mine I can say the finished product will eventually be available for people to see when I am done. I need to come up with a "sexy" name. What I can tell you about this name is it does have something to do...