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    Kid's Event Pre-register

    Just sent in two payments for Mason and Sadie
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    September event pre-registration

    Mouse will be there
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    Kids Campaign

    As you all know, our 2015 Kids Event was held in the beginning of August and I'm very happy to say that this year was another great success, with our numbers up to 21 kids, many of them new players. This is at least the third year in a row where we have had attendance increase and I'm very...
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    Kid's event pre-registration

    Hi everyone, Finally sent the registration for Mason & Sadie for this weekend. :-)
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    Kids Event?

    Ok, that was fast! Just had Mike confirm we can have August 7-9th. Mark your calendars! :) Thanks to Faire Play for adding this into the very full schedule!!!
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    Kids Event?

    Hi John, I don't have a date yet, as we need to coordinate with Faire Play's schedule. Since there's interest early and it really does help out everyone if it's set sooner rather than later, I will work on getting the ball rolling with Scott and Mike and pin something down. I will post as soon...
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    How do you want your character's career to end?

    There's a couple of ways to answer this, I guess. From an OOG perspective, as long as the death is "clean" and also not because of some derpy move (like not checking a life count, etc.) I'm ok with any death, even ending in perming. In fact, I think RP'ing deaths, especially with a perming...
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    In-Game Theft

    Thanks for the explanation. I can understand the reasoning behind the change. Still think it should be considered a public space, but I get the need to protect the volunteers and the spirit in which the change is made. Thanks, Kathy
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    In-Game Theft

    I get that, and I do think that's the intent. But she also states: So, I'm just questioning why the kitchen area is now considered a private area.
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    In-Game Theft

    I may be opening a can of worms here, but why is the kitchen space now considered a private space, the same as a cabin/sleeping room/guild room? I understand that a theft (of IG money) took place this last event, and that it sucks IG. But, why isn't that area considered a public place? It's...
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    Greetings and farewell.

    Dear Tempest, It seems that you and I were not fated to ever meet while travelling with the court of the Ash Forest. If ever you find a way back to Tyrra, please let me know. I too would like to eventually go home. Thank you, Mouse
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    Backstory help.

    I can't remember the name of the estate, but you may want to look into back Ashbury times for the estate in Nordenn that the McEwans were from. Now, the McEwans that were part of the Nordenn court back in the day were half-orcs, but they did wear kilts. (I can't remember if they were all...
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    September Event Favorites!!

    I agree with everyone else about this being a weekend for the record books. An excellent weekend is always contingent on so many variables, so first a big thank you to all the NPC’s, Staff, and PC’s for their contributions to my much needed “responsible escapism” experience. A special mention...
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    Sept event pre-reg closed

    Just sent payment to PC for Sept. Acct is under Aaron's name. Mouse will be there. :)
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    KIDS CAMPAIGN ONLY!!!! - Come to Orehollow

    *** This IG Posting ONLY applies to the Kids Campaign**** Found posted throughout taverns in Ashbury: With the permission of his Grace, Duke Nevin Kendrick, the town of Orehollow is now open for resettlement. The area of Vorak’s Peak had been besieged in recent years by the presence of the...
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    Kid's event pre-registration

    Thanks Mike! Everyone - If you need to pay on site, please give me the money. I will be sending all payments in Monday/Tuesday after the event. (Including for my kids, :-))
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    Kid's event pre-registration

    Hey Eric, If they are under 16, they can still play! :) Can't remember how old they are. :-) Also, I've got a FB page going for the campaign, but I couldn't find you on it. Email me if you want to be added. Thanks! Kathy
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    May event preregistration CLOSED

    Kathy for NPC'ing
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    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    Just preregged. (under revlynmarlas pp acct) Will be playing Mouse, but not showing up until late Sat. afternoon/evening. Will send logistics stuff in tomorrow. See everyone then! Kathy
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    Ashbury 2014 Kids event

    Next year's Kid's event will be July 25, 26, 27. We're going to be tweaking the rules and creating a Rule Book/Player's Guide over the winter. Anyone interested in being involved in this great chance to bring the Kid's game to the next level, PM me and I'll add you to the list. I plan to create...