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  1. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    Good morning Alliance Playtesters,

    I'm pleased to present Playtest Packet v0.11. It includes an Appendix that goes over major changes from the prior packet to help playtesters understand the changes from the prior version.

    This round is quite a bit different from prior rounds. Playtests in this round are intended to run as full weekend playtests. These will run as normal event weekends, granting Build Points, Treasure, and so forth, and the events that happen during these weekends will be part of your character's experiences moving forward. Each chapter will have its own way to introduce the playtest weekend and the story they want to tell with this unique opportunity. Details on how this will work can be found within the Playtest Packet itself.

    I will be publishing a separate helper packet within the next couple of weeks for Chapter Staff running a playtest, going over some additional hints and tips about guidelines for keeping things running smoothly.

    To help keep things clear, if you start a new thread for discussion on an item from this Playtest Document, please add [0.11] at the start of the thread's subject line so we can all make sure we're talking about the same packet.

    Bryan Gregory
    ARC Chair

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  2. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    FYI, I've uploaded a new version of the 0.11 Playtest Packet (version 0.11b). If you've been following this forum, you're already familiar with the changes - this simply rolls in a number of clarifications and minor updates we've made from v0.11a, as well as answered some questions and tweaked the wording on a few items for clarity.
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  3. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    I've uploaded a version "c" of the 0.11 Playtest Packet. As before, this is just a rollup of changes/clarifications we've already released in this forum with the sole exception that a full Scroll/Potion production chart is included in the "Charts" appendix. This clearly outlines which 0.11 spells can be made into potions and/or scrolls. Note that Charm and Confine are now both scrollable, and Charm is now potionable; new spells are appropriately laid out in the charts where applicable.
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