[0.8] Alliance 2.0 playtest

norman b

Hello Alliance Oregon (and others),

We will be having a playtest November 19th starting at noon (12:00) at Leroy Haagen Memorial Park in Vancouver.

We are planning it this far out so that way players have time to read through the new rules to get a feel for and try to memorize the rules as best they can. It also allows all of us to get through our November Event without having to try and cram this in :).

Please join the Playtester forum if you have not as there are a lot of good questions on there already. To do this, scroll to the top and hover your mouse over your screen name on the top right. The bottom option of the right column states "Join User Groups". Click on that, scroll down to the alliance rules 2.0 playtesting board (not playtest coordinator), and ask to join.

Please post here and/or the facebook group if you would be interested in going. We will need a large turn out so we can get a good play test in. We are going to be running a module. This does not count as a gameday.

Thank you and here is the current iteration of the new rules.


  • ARB 2 PT - v0.8 - master.docx
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Is this playtest basically for battle?


Unfortunately, yes. Since the majority of the rules changes have to do with combat rules this will be primarily combat.

Sorry, Zaz. :(


Is this a show up deal or a register deal? I am a member of the forum but have not been able to participate in any playtests yet. I have a copy of the rules and have read through a few times.

norman b

It is a show up deal. Since it is not an event, we do not need the registration like one. It is open to the public technically. I will most likely be collecting working emails once on site so I can email out the link for everyone to do their feed back.