06.JUL.2018 IG Teaser Post


Oregon Staff
[IC]: Regardless of what you've been doing for the past couple of months you've all gathered near to the Auros mountains by Sedovia. A shadow blots out the sun for a moment then you hear the roar, and see smoke of the flames rising up. Those in the know tell those that don't know about the dragon carving a path to Valenzia through the undead.

As you follow the burnt path alongside a small contingent of Sedovian forces you approach a spot in a mountain spur full of fresh volcanic activity. Those of you who can scent can smell the toxic gasses throughout the area, in low enough concentrations so as to be unpleasant to smell, but not enough to hurt.

You make a temporary camp as scouts report the small town ahead. There are Valenzian guards, that the scouts mention are all Lightning caste or higher for some reason. The whole of you prepare to take the town with a hard and fast strike to break the defenders rapidly.