(1) New Friends, New Problems, Potential New Allies!


Chicago Staff
Fellow Adventurers & Friends,

This is a long dream. Pull up a comfortable cloud, and imaginary favorite beverage… I have broken it into different dreams so that question, comments, or concerns can be kept on topic and not mixed up.

First… New Friends!

Over this past weekend I was out with a few lightly seasoned adventurers like myself and while we were answering some calls by our two local Magic Guilds, we had the pleasure of meeting with some new people who have found within themselves a spirit to seek adventure. A collection of a few seemed skilled enough for setting out on a chosen path and experienced the reward of service to their communities.

Should you see them around, they may have lots of questions as many of them have chosen different paths thus far and will most likely seek out others to learn more about those paths.

"BLANK", a Racoon Wylderkin who thus far enjoys large shiney weapons used against a foe's backside.

"Raenion", a Biatta who seems to be experimenting with different weapons and styles but is thus far enjoying blending might with Earthen Magic.

"Kabocha", a Vornae fighter who was curious about my travels topside and I called him forth and have initially set him a task that I believe will give him a good view of the world above.

"SLAG", an Oathsworn fighter who wears heavy armor with plans to wear more as his training continues. Deceptively fast when needed but content to let his prey die tired.

"Renza", a Human & capable Earth Scholar. Who also got to cast their first Spell Crafted Ritual in our travels.

Should you see them around, have them regale you with their initial exploits and some of the specific details to fill in this next parts….