16 minutes after

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Time Stamp: 16 mins after the Vampire left for the night.

Vaegar is seen standing in the Earth Circle in the Court yard. Naked, he looks around the area. He can see the trees sway in the breeze as the fog settles in around the city. His breath mist before his eyes, and he is momentarily captivated by the strange sensations he felt.

His skin reacts with gooseprickles as a cool wind blows over the walls. His eyes can pick out the soft shades of grey and white that cover the ground and its almost like he can see every snow flake. One lands upon his hand and he studies it with such intent, it is almost embarrassing. So that is what death feels like, he ponders, Uncle was right about it. There IS nothing to fear.

He can hear a voice off to his side and he turns to see the top of a down turned head in front of him. The Earth Weaver motions for him to exit the circle. In his hands he carries a towel and grey wool cloak. Remembering his nakedness he exits and takes the towel from the Weaver, places it around his waist and slips the cloak over his shoulders. The lad leads him to a near by bench and informs Vaegar that he shall return in a moment. When he returns the lad as a cup of water and small bowel of broth in hand, "To help with the effects. Some people are very hungry when they have returned to their body".

Vaegar drinks the water down fast and turns his attention to the bowel of broth. He sips it slowly, noticing the snippets of carrot and meat. Placing the half touched bowel to the side, Vaegar breaths deep the cold air and closes his eyes. He dips back in to his memories trying to figure out what happened. Only two stand out. The large brown pools of the Vampire's eyes was the first to surface. Those eyes had power and strength behind them, but were as lifeless as a rock. The next was standing in the Circle. Something must have happened. How could a Vampire do something like that and not kill the rest of the people in the room. His thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a voice.

"Are you alright, Vaegar?". Third and the Biata woman Ithawda stood before him. Both looking like they had run half way across the city. Third had his belongings in hand.

"Yes, Third, I am fine. I was just trying to remember what happened. Seems like nothing happened but that can not explain why I am here." Vaegar took the clothes and coin purse and turned around to dress under the cloak. "Can either of you tell me who that was? He seemed to know most of the Tavern personally."

Ithawda spoke first, "He is Victoria's son. Nephew to the King. From what I know he was murdered by Kara Vale about a year ago. His body went missing from their crypt a few months later. Next thing we know he ends up at Parsons Breach."

Third continues, "We have faced him a couple of times. But then he dropped of the map. We didn’t see him until We kicked Kara Vale out of the Breach and then again tonight".

Vaegar turns around and tosses off the cloak. Placing it on the bench. He takes his Knives and coin purse from Third and puts them back in place. "Interesting story, Seems this place may not be as bland as I thought. This... Creature... in the Son of Her Grace, you say?" They nod, "Interesting. Tell me what happened after I repelled the Beast."

Third starts, as Vaegar picks up the bowel of broth and finishes it off. "It used some sort of Charm effect on you. He told you to go stand in the corner, it was kinda funny". Vaegar levels a small stare at Third. Ithawda chimes in.

"When you were there, I feared he might try and use you against us. I tried to subdue you and well," she leans in to his shoulder and speaks a few words before settling back and seeming a little bashful. Vaegar raise an eyebrow, "Then honour is settled. What happened next?"

"It...He....went on to talk about going back to the Breach. It seems he....it...cant wait for us to return, Then it took off out the door. Diravera and the two of us took off after your body dissipated." Ithawda says with a small lustful smile at the edge of her mouth.

Vaegar turns his back on the two, tapping his lip with a finger. Interesting, this place is oh so full of surprises Turning back he states "Mistriss Ithawda, I’m sure you mate is worried about you, though I know you can take care of yourself I would suggest you go back to the Tavern and make sure everyone is fine. I have business to attend to. I will wish to talk to you again soon My Dear." turning to Third, "You will escort me to the Sanctum. I believe Ill have you stay with me for a few days until this all passes.".

Vaegar makes his way to the entrance of the Earth Guild. Unbeknownst to his companions a small warmth could be felt by him in the pit of his very being. This warmth he knew all to well. This was why he lived.

This was the warmth of Rage, Hatred and Vengeance all in one.

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