Resolved 2.0 Carrier Defenses vs Armor

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As I have gotten zero responses on this in Marshal Questions in over a month, could ARC take a stab at it?



In the 'Calls' section of the rule book it says:

"Carrier attacks are a special type of Weapon qualifier attack. If a Weapon qualifier attack has a damage number and a special effect, it’s considered a Carrier attack. In this case, the special effect will only work if the damage gets to your Body Points; if the damage only hits your Armor Points, the special effect doesn’t do anything extra. Carrier attacks can never provide a beneficial effect to the target; if you would be healed by a Carrier Effect, you instead call “No Effect” as if you were Immune to it.

Example one: Rendal is wearing 10 points of Armor and, due to a ritual magic backlash earlier in the day, has temporarily become Healed by Flame. A Flame Elemental steps up and starts swinging its claws with the call “10 Flame!” Rendal takes the first hit, which takes his Armor Points down to 0. When he takes the second hit, he calls “No Effect,” since you can’t be healed by a Carrier Attack. If the Flame Elemental attacks with a Flame call that’s not a Carrier attack—for example, “20 Spell Strike Flame”—then Rendal would actually be healed by the assault!"

If a carrier is fully absorbed by your armor then only your armor is affected by it. This means that in all five of the examples you listed, not only would the armor take 10 points of damage but it would be a flub to use a resist as you were not affected by the attack.
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