2.0 Character Prep Session: Online, Friday 10/05/18 at 6 pm


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
2.0 Character Prep Session #2: Join us this coming Friday October 5th starting at 6 pm Pacific time to talk about how to get your character ready for the upcoming Playtest event! This will be online on Discord using Alliance Oregon's Discord server at https://discord.gg/GKwxmBn; we'll start chatting in the Playtest Rules and the General Voice channel (thanks to Rick Raddue!)

Some resources to look at ahead of time:

- The 2.0 Playtest Packet can be found on the National forums under the "Rules - Playtesting" section.

- We've released some announcements about the event including some needed preparation steps: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/announcements-regarding-the-november-playtest-event.38461/

- For all of these sessions, it will be helpful to have your latest character card from the last event you attended, or at least your current Build total. Similarly, it will be helpful to have your Magic Item tags easily at hand.

Note that there will be several of these sessions planned before the event, so if you can't make this one you can try for one of the others.