2.0 CMA Official Release


Oregon Staff
With the release of 2.0 the Oregon database has been reuploaded to the CMA and there are a few important things that go with that.

1) Everything that you do in the CMA will now be permanent
All race selections will be permanent, and your skill selections will be locked in after one hour (as a last resort, logistics can undo skill purchases from up to seven days ago). We will not be providing any more free spirit forges.

2) Characters who have participated in the playtest may have different xp totals
The reason for the difference is because the xp you have been earning for the last nine months has been using the old 1.3 progression, which is slower than the 2.0 progression that was in the playtest CMA. Now that 2.0 is releasing, build totals have been reset to match what was in the 1.3 databases, which has resulted in differences for people who were participating in the playtests. As a result of this low level characters who had blankets in the playtest may appear to have lost xp, however this is not a bug. From here on out you will be gaining xp at the 2.0 rates.

3) You can now purchase your own monthly blankets and set a character to automatically receive monthly blankets.
Requests for buybacks of event blankets and all monthly blankets prior to June will need to be emailed to logistics.

4) If you notice any errors in your goblin stamp totals or your characters, please email logistics@allianceoregon.com and we'll get you sorted out!
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