2.0 Conversions

Beverly Byers

Traverse City Staff
As I hope you all know, we are using the 2.0 rules for all of our games this year. We want all of our players to be using the new CMA database from now on but the 2.0 rules are not official until May 31st!! so you still need to communicate all your changes to me until that happens. Once the 2.0 rules go live there will be 1 last 1.3 database upload and any information that is not in it will be lost! Your information will also be lost if I do not have your correct e-mail address in the 1.3 database so please make sure I have it!

If you haven't read them already please read the newest version of the 2.0 packet:


This has all the information you need to play in 2.0 including a section which is super important for your conversion to the new rules and outlines these steps:

1) Players will need to rebuild their characters via the online Character Management Application (CMA).


You can play around with build here before making a character in the CMA:


2) Once they've updated their characters via the CMA, players will need to update the character's Magic Items.

3) Ritual Scrolls need to be turned in and converted.

Here is a helper doc for the MI and ritual scroll conversions:


4) Spellbook and Alchemical Recipe books tags need to be exchanged.

5) Production items need to be exchanged.

Items can be exchanged / converted the first time they are brought into a 2.0 event, but no later than 1 year from when 2.0 goes live – after that, any unconverted items will be lost to the mists and unable to be used in the future.

Players should prepare a list of conversions for each character when they’re ready to do so and submit the list to the appropriate Logistics team(s) before coming to the event; these conversions should NOT be expected to be handled on-site.

For example:

Tyler has a 5th level Fighter named Brog. Brog owns a Cloak Ritual Scroll, a Bane Ritual Scroll, a Vision Ritual Scroll, an enchanted sword with several Rituals on it, and several potions including a Remove Weakness, a Cure Light Wounds, a Release, and a Cleanse potion he picked up during a 2.0 Playtest. He also has a Web scroll.

Tyler first uses the CMA to update Brog’s character sheet, then sends an email to his Logistics team noting the following:

Ritual Scrolls –
Trading in: Cloak x1, Bane x1 – exchanging for Assassin’s Edge x2
Needs Reprinting: Vision x1

Magic Items –
Magic Item 123456: Changes to Recharge Prowess x2, Quicken Meditation x1

Production to exchange –
Remove Weakness Potion x1
Cure Light Wounds Potion x1
Web scroll x1 (exchange for Spell Shield scroll)
Note that Tyler doesn’t mention the Release or the Cleanse, neither of which changes.


Send all of your conversion information to Traverselogistics@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, send those too. We are here to help!

Thank you all!!

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