2.0 Production Conversion Form


Chicago Staff
[2.0 Conversion Continues]

Update from the Logistics team!

As most have read the 2.12 ARB by now, if not it is highly encouraged. At the very end of the document is all of your conversion helping needs. I have made a Form that will assist you *specifically* with production conversion. It will be helpful for you to know exactly what needs converting, what it converts to or if it doesn't convert facilitate its exchange with Chicago Logistics.

While helpful for you the player, it is largely for Chicago Logistics benifit. It will allow us to entirely prepare in advance all the needed tags to ensure that everyone gets what they need and all of it is available in advance.

If there are any question, comments, concerns, or issues with the form, please message me directly on facebook so I can log in and make live updates to the form.