2.1 Alpha Dragon Stamp Survey


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Gettysburg Staff

Below you’ll find a link for a survey looking for opinions, thoughts, feelings, and criticisms on the 2.1 Alpha packet.

ARC is actively looking for both general opinions about changes as well as more nuanced and extensive thoughts on the various proposed changes.

The survey looks for a general rating for each change and gives you the opportunity to provide more extensive thoughts as well.

Completing all of the mandatory rankings will get you 6 DS and providing at least 15 substantive (why did you rate it this way, what would you change about it if necessary, or how do you see this helping/hindering the game) pieces of feedback throughout the survey will get you an additional 6 DS.

We do ask that if you have no opinion on a particular change you rank it at a 3.

As always, if you’ve got questions on the proposed changes or on the survey itself, please feel free to post them here for discussion.

Survey Link: https://bit.ly/2dot1survey

The survey will be closing Friday, 2/11/22.
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