2.1 feedback survey's for Dragon stamps


Good evening; Should we continue to use the current survey for 2.1 feedback or will arc create a new form? If a new form will be created when can we see it published? Will we get Dragon Stamps for all game feedback during the 2.1 play test? Example: I played 4 seperate 2.1 play tests will I get credit for each feedback form (6 DS x 4) or just a DS reward of 6 for all 4? Will this reward only be good for 2.1 play tests going forward from the time of this vote or will this be back dated? If I have played a 2.1 game prior to the anouncement and did not submit feedback; if I submit feedback now will I get the 6 DS reward?

v/r: David C. Eberhart II (Heinricht)