2.1 Las Vegas Feedback


Alliance Rules
Gettysburg Staff
This post is a text dump from the document at the following link so that it is more easily searchable going forward.


I think I like that base armor can be repaired with 2 minutes w/no blacksmith skill, though it does remove some roleplay options

The blacksmithing 1 requirement was largely viewed by ARC as an xp tax and where possible (and not needed for balancing purposes) we’d prefer to eliminate them.

Unlimited Mettles for fighters is incredibly broken. If fighters have unlimited mettles, rogues should have passive waylay, and mages should get…something, idk.

I do not disagree that this is an incredibly powerful ability. The mettles are not actually unlimited, they are still fueled by either expending body and a skill or body, and healing is a valuable resource.
We spent a significant amount of time looking at the pain points of being a fighter and boiled it down, basically to 3 things:
  1. The significant resource expenditure required to heal them to full
  2. Getting dropped easily by spells
  3. Not being able to effect things
Our initial response to the directive to develop a fighter capstone addressed the first pain point by giving them a passive bonus to received healing. It did not get a positive reception, so we developed something to address the second pain point as our solutions to the third either result in largely unneeded additional calls or significant power additions or thematically weird things.
My expectation is that this will be at the very least modified if not scrapped and replaced, but with fighters where they are game balance wise, they may not need a “capstone” beyond the skills they already have available to them.

Lifestyle is great

I think there’s a lot of room to expand this a bunch, which is fantastic.

Packet colors no longer being required = good


You're already introducing new terms to me which I don't know, and I helped work on this proposal! For final release, please only introduce terms that have already been established in the RB

I have a couple different things that I am aware of that need codification/definition as far as how they get used. If you could give me some more specific feedback on what terms are unfamiliar we can make sure they get clarified in time for beta.
I can’t promise nothing new, but my hope is that most (if not all) of anything new will be adaptations of already existing things, but I definitely want to make sure we are all on the same page.

Changing Slow/Weakness to Disarm/Weakness = good

Spark = yes much good

Crafting ritual circle of power clarification - does this just mean the caster must stay in a limited area for a period of time, from an IG perspective?

Yes. We looked at some variations here with using a Game Room as the area they were restricted to, but we want to allow for indoor and outdoor use without needing to get crazily verbose.

Does Deft Dosage apply to the self, to the person they're feeding the potion to, or either/or?

The deft dosage benefit goes to the brewer administering the potion. Wording definitely needs cleaning there.

Quick Salve - is it a single potion meaning you have to absorb one potion at a time but can store multiple absorbed, or only one potion can be stored until it's been used?

Quick Salve basically creates a refillable potion only spell store. Each purchase allows the character to store one effect. Once they use a particular effect, they can refill it.

What is the purpose of Stopper Anything? If it's just usable by the caster, they might as well just keep it as a spell to be used later! Same question with Scroll Anything

Stopper and Scroll Anything create the effect as a potion/scroll and doesn’t require a spell to be expended. The particular character may not have access to that effect as a spell if they don’t have the appropriate spell slot.

Healing/Harming Blade - says scrolls when it means potions, also do you have to have one handed edged to use a single claw? It specifies needing a specific skill for two claws, but not for just one. If no one handed edged is required, Florentine should not require a weapon skill as a prerequisite. Does each potion only count as one swing, regardless of value, and do you swing for that amount, or does it go off your base swing value and does a 9th level potion give you 9 swings?

You do not need a weapon skill to use a claw provided by these abilities. If you want to use two, you will need either the Claw skill or any weapon skill and Florentine. This is intentional.

The process with these skills is this:
Buy the skill, you now have a claw that swings 2 normal (plus profs and backstabs)
Meditate with a 10 flame evocation bolt scroll
Your claw now swings “2 flame”
At any point you can swing once for “10 spell flame”
Your carrier then reverts back to normal until you meditate again.
Multiple meditations can be performed one after the other as long as all the scrolls/potions are the same “flavor” but not necessarily the same damage amount. This would then let you swing for multiple “# spell <flavor>” one for each scroll/potion.

Save questions with Evocation Blades

I’ve addressed this above.

Does Life's renewal count as a Recharge Prowess for purposes of keeping track of if an ability has been recharged?

The skills renewed use the same category delineations as Recharge Prowess, but they are not Recharge Prowesses themselves.

No Brewing 15 abilities available, but maybe that's intentional with the multitude of 10 Brewing abilities available

We looked at moving some of the prereqs around but nothing really stuck out as fitting into that spot. There are some other ideas we’re rolling around and one of them may fit that prereq.

I like how some abilities, such as Efficient Protectives for Inscription or Purify the Potion for Brewing to be more potent than using base casting, thus encouraging crafting builds


Familiar Touch - logistical question - you need a light source OOG to identify which scroll to use, do you not? How do we account for that?

This ability has been in place for a few years now as the create scroll 20 benefit. We’ve found that players can be pretty inventive in how they stash scrolls on their person to make it so they don’t need a light oog if they don’t need a light ig. “All my web scrolls are in my left pouch in the back pocket on the fuzzy side of this book, all my spell shields are on the non fuzzy side.”

Scroll Mastery - is this just Flexible Casting with scrolls? Please clarify wording

This mirrors the celestial high magic ability of the same name. We can certainly cut and paste the wording from the ARB for this ability.

Can you purchase daily skills, such as Double Down, more than once?

Yes. Like with regular daily skills, crafting abilities that are labeled as daily can be purchased more than once.

Stoke the Coals is very much not a Smithing 20 ability. Maybe if it were for any element, fire, ice, stone, lightning, maybe it would be a Smithing 20 ability, but that is not a capstone crafting skill

While some of this may come down to the particular monsters you encounter or the way those monsters are statted, the ability to hand out a non-normal carrier when needed is not a small one from a support standpoint. It is certainly something we can revisit if there is a push to do so, but we would like to see it in action and get some playtest feedback from it as is.

Unstoppable Weapon - there are martial skills that can't be used with a two-handed weapon? Is this to use polearms, staffs, etc without purchasing the weapon skill? That's not quite how the skill reads, but I can't find any skills unusable by two-handed weapons. Real technical interpretation - could you use Repel Strike with a bow?

There are two skills that cannot be used with all two handed melee weapons: precise blow (requires a small weapon), sleep/enfeeble blow (now strike, requires a blunt weapon).
The intended wording of this skill was that it functioned with two handed melee weapons (so no on repelling bows), but apparently my last minute correction missed the editing cutoff. That’ll get corrected in beta.
This skill does not grant someone the ability to use a two handed weapon, it just lets them use any purchased martial skills as if the two handed weapon was the appropriate type.

Automatic Injector - does this stack with Effective Antidotes from the Alchemy tree?

It does not. Effective antidote let’s you use a thing to generate a different effect. Automatic injector lets you use specific things to have a specific effect happen later. The automatic injector can't be powered by an antidote that you turn into a purify and the effect generated by the injector is not (when it “goes off”) an antidote.

Danger Sense - this doesn't specify burning a Dodge as with the Trap Avoidance ritual. Is this intentional?

It is intentional.

Deadman's Switch - can you walk around with Deadman's Switch ready to go, or would moving set off the trap? If motion sets off the trap, do you need to disarm the trap after meditating if you wish to move again? Does this mean you can have a trap phys-rep set but not "set" in game so the phys rep is ready to go, or do you have to arm the trap during the meditation?

You don’t physically set the trap. You meditate with the trap, get rid of the rep, hang on to the tag, go out and live your life, go for a walk in the woods, someone jumps you and killing blows you and it blows up in their face.

Escape Artist - can your three-count of ripping free be interrupted, and if so, do you lose the ability to rip free for the day?

Counted actions can always be interrupted. If your 3 count is started and does not complete successfully, that use of the ability would be consumed, but if you have purchased it multiple times, you can still use the remaining purchases. (This is actually a super interesting question that pulls from a lot of different places. I’m going to bring this up at our next ARC meeting to make sure we are all on the same page, but consider this answer official unless we say otherwise.)

Improvised Use - what items need a prerequisite to use? Pretty sure you don't need to have brewing to drink a potion, otherwise I've been playing wrong this entire time

Scrolls, applying weapon coatings, mixing elixirs into food/drink, alchemy/tinker globes, traps. (Not potions tho, you are correct)

Bodge and Blast - can you use both tinkering and alchemy blast globes for this?

As written it only allows for “10 elemental <element>” as the output, but if I remember correctly that ability was created prior to tinker blast globes becoming a thing, so that may change.

Adventuring Equipment - where's the promised death poison? This could be easily added as Superior Adventuring Equipment

I am not sure who promised you a death poison. It could definitely be included as a piece of superior equipment, the list in the packet is nowhere even remotely close to what is intended for live play, but simply to give some ideas about the kinds of things we have reviewed and finalized.

Poison Shield is notably missing from the Alchemy chart. Are protectives being altered with the new Mystic/Material delivery system?

Poison shield was 100% not left off intentionally. It should be on there at 4 CP.
I do not anticipate any alterations being made to how protective spells work due to the qualifier/delivery changes or anything else.

Good Night Tea - change phraseology from elixir to potion


Baby's First Spellbook - can you read to multiple people at once?


Protective Inscription - how does this work if you're wearing down armor? If I have max 25 armor and have a 50 armor tag, can I reduce the armor to be 25, still have 25 left, and receive 5 cloaks?

As written, yes. As intended, no. We’ll call this a No and tighten up the wording to prevent it.

Spellsmith Tools - should we require a boffer phys rep? I don't really want someone running around battle with a real hammer, even if they aren't using it as a weapon

Yeah. Any tools repped for this should be foam. The “boffer is fine” comment should have been “boffer is fine, do not carry a real hammer” or something more clearly indicative of not using a real hammer in or near combat.

Bag of Cats - Weapon Effecting should read Weapon Affecting

Yes it should!