2017 Plot Teaser

Otaras Bar

Crossroads Staff
Attention: Alliance Crossroads Plot Teaser !!! Get Ready !


After a long rest from the winter, the adventures find themselves faced with new and bothersome problems. The power and life force that is the tavern is fading, the veil is starting to blink and wither. What is this strange phenomenon that is draining its power? Perhaps the Mercatian Army or perhaps another power growing? With most of the tribes of Barbarians and Selunari being scattered throughout the wyldes or destroyed, some taken by the dark illness, sadly these people will never be the same again…and for many it is already too late. Panic and discourse spread among refugees in the camp, sightings of husks during daylight and rumors of new non-glowing husks are a bound. After striking out against the wyldes, burning and slashing their way through the forest giving no respect to nature or its inhabitants, The Mercatian army has established a strong foothold in the wyldes and have found their way to the taverns doorsteps once again. Will they bring peace or will they bring death? Our heroes have ignited the spark of hope, but with new dangers lurking in the distance, can our heroes keep the flame alive? Will the adventures survive?
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Slash will answer the call of his homeland. The Golden Boar marches to Kosmara! Broshan Mad Ushtar Artuurz Goltur! Glory to the Grand Army!


Alliance Rules
I believe the mists are beckoning me to your land.
Is there a landmark or magical beacon I can use when mistwalking to your area? I hate popping out in the middle of nowhere.
Also does anyone need anything Celestially spellcrafted? I'm going to stop by Havredath to pick up our Create Limited Circle Scroll and Spirit Link Scroll.
If anyone would like either of those, give me a holler, rates can be discussed.
Safe Travels,