2018-19 Season Closer Favorite Moments


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What an awesome weekend everyone!!! Thank you all for coming out to the closer of our longest season yet. Post all of your favorite times throughout the weekend for us all to nerd out about!!!

I loved the conclusion of Zakar Saturday night the ritual and effects were amazing, and it was great seeing so many townsfolk engaged!!

Also Friday night with the Aether box, getting to see the town scramble to solve problems was so cool!!!

I'd like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who has hopped the fence for this game, and any other this season. As well as just everyone in our community that has been so welcoming and helpful in my transition into the ownership role. I could not have asked for a better bunch of players. I really do adore our family, and I cannot wait to pick up our season again in August and see everyone again!!


Oh boi!
Aether fight was amazing. 3hr fight, wow. Except the bit where I died... And people didn't notice and walked right past me...
The fire cult fight was also really fun and cool. Except the bit where I was really really drunk, and I died... And people didn't notice and walked right past me...
❤❤❤ I love you guys ❤❤❤
I'm going to write more tomorrow, just figured I'd get at least something down in case I forget XD
Such a great closer to the season! I really enjoyed the Saturday night fire thing. I love the roleplay involved and how a pc was actually responsible. It was great!
I'm looking forward to next season, especially since it will be warmer season!


as usual i played a npc because * npc camp is best camp * some of my favorite momments where watching pc's running around trying to solve puzzels even if it took 3 hours <3 .... walking around as a kobold and sleeping all the random people walking around by them selfs. THE CINDORLORD RIFT boy that was such a great mod good job to every body and all the rp was just <3
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Great last event. Yay for stressing everyone out when I disappeared, great having so many people trying to kill me, great stealing allll of Lucien's crap (<3), just great overall. I was really stressed in the hours coming up to the ritual... I think I ran across site 5 times making sure everything was perfect. But yeah. Great game. Mia, you were super sweet and it made Zakar really happy. Illise, he forgives you. Fae, remember what Zakar said; he chose his words very particularly. Lily, I never got to talk to you, but hopefully Illise will relay. Lucien, I'm sorry, but also not sorry; stop trusting sketchy people and trust your gut more. Serraby, youre the one I'm most sad about being mad at Zakar... Jax, you saved my life one last time, haha. Rennyn, Zakar was really proud of you; you really understand family. Val, I'm slightly disappointed... you werent the one to kill me. Maddy, I hope you can read now, cuz otherwise, sadness. Tommand, thank you for seeing my true potential.
For my second time out to Kansas, it was a blast, and a great season closer!

I super enjoyed my time NPCing this game, fighting the town as one of the Aether creatures was a lot of fun, sorry for all the whaps!
NPCing the creature conducting the ritual to close the portal was great! I had never had the opportunity to see or preform a ritual before, and it was a really great experience! I hope everyone else enjoyed that as much as I did.

On the PC side I enjoyed all of the RP I got to have with people, and really enjoyed trying out Spellsword for the first time, thanks for the opportunity! Had some emotional scenes that were good for the character that I certainly wasn't expecting. After all, you know what they say about curiosity.

Thanks for the great game all!


Awesome game!!!

I had a blast during the Aetherborn battle. I’m not particularly clever (mostly), or good at puzzles, so I just kinda played commander, tried my chops at keeping people together and up. Went pretty well until we got back to the tavern... then it all kinda fell apart lolol. From that point I just had fun, chatted with the bbg who was the reason they were showing up... told him to eat my *** a lot. If he wanted my essence so badly, I mean... lolol.

The next day was a lot of elementals, and... drama. Trying to judge Zakar, only for him to disappear with Jax was... ;-;. Madrigal didnt know what to do!! Her conversation with Tommund was... eh? I mean she got some questions answered, she just wasnt entirely sure what to ask past those few questions. I really need to work on picking up hints, though... sorry Jax lol.

WULFGAR. You know what you did >:c. Y u do this. The big undead fight was... TENSE. People scrambling about, trying to get them together... Im finding Im really enjoying yelling at people, but DAMN if it isnt hard. We had a brief wall, though, so Im really proud of everybody!!!

SEBAS. I’m gonna perm that dude, I swear LOL. The entire ritual, feeling the pull to the circle and stumbling over like a woman possessed, even when the others called my name. 1v1 in a circle of power with a shield is... difficult. Especially when your opponent can spell strike... but I had resolutes, and a little assistance and the entire thing was really cool! Wulfgar’s ITW’s servant guy npc was really well done, and made the closing of the portal really awesome.

RIP Zakar. Reading is hard, even if it is phonetic. Good thing there’s no rush! XD

The trap that was outside the cabin was... kinda funny. Sorry Skylar. I ended up running over and kicking it after I’d gotten a poison shield LOL
Over all a really awesome, funny, dramatic weekend!!!