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    Good morning!

    It’s been about two weeks now since the National event and there’s been a lot of changes to both Alliance Nationals and Alliance Denver in the past six months. I would be lying if I didn’t say that there was a lot of stress leading into this event, but luckily we put together a team that made this event as stress-free as possible. It was a pretty amazing event from start to finish and hopefully someday we will have the honor of hosting this event again.

    Our plot team worked very hard this year on creating a different flavor for the national event from past events. A huge shout out to Ian Moriarty, our head of plot who somehow fit in captaining this ship in the middle of a regular Denver plot season. Taylor Kaiman, our assistant head of plot who decided to not attend his college graduation so that he could attend this event. Trace Moriarty, who wrote all the fabulous blue and orange cards you saw. John Siadak who wrote and marshaled mod after mod for the players. Darrin Myers who is our mechanics master of writing interesting field battles (huzzah for no holds called in the final battle). Jenn Beach who worked on several high production physical mods for the weekend including the amazing cave exploration up by the archery field as well as the great escape room in the tavern on Friday night. Doug Dexter who couldn’t attend the event because he was graduating from college but spent most of the weeks leading up to finals writing a lot of the dryad content for the weekend.

    If you didn’t know, we had four fabulous guest writers that stepped up and helped out our plot staff by writing various pieces of content. Thank you to Dia Campbell who wrote and produced most of the wonderful fae party you might have attended on Friday night. Jack Reed, who debuted as a writer for Alliance, writing the dominus mod and field battle on Friday night. Mike Messmer, who was always present backstage coming up with solutions for the various requests that players would have. And also to Paul Mosher Sr. who portrayed the Emperor of Vordium and is now joining the Denver plot team for this year.

    Next up I’d like to thank our tireless logistics team: Mac Fawkes, Bria Roberts, John Fawkes and Bobby. Working with this team is nothing short of working with professionals. They were there for any request I had; ready to help out and make the event run smoothly for our players.

    Eric Steinkamp, while he couldn’t be at the event, helped me organize and prepare many of the props ahead of time. William Haddon for making and donating the four cool magic item weapons that you might have been lucky to find and wield throughout the weekend.

    I’d like to thank our head Rules Marshal, Taylor Kaiman, for ensuring we had a very smooth running event from a rule perspective. Trace Moriarty, our safety marshal who ensured that we all stayed safe throughout the event. Bria Roberts, for marshalling literally hours and hours of rituals throughout the weekend. The rest of our safety marshals: Jim Galford, William Haddon, Izzy Veldhuis for making sure our weapons stayed safe.

    Huge shoutout to the tireless tavern staff, led by Josh Lee and Karlee Nasalroad, who did an amazing job with the logistics of cooking and smoking pounds and pounds of food for us this weekend as well as everyone who helped out backstage in the kitchen.

    Jay Torres and Derek Reed for the thankless job of getting our NPC camp up and running and making sure that we had enough portrayers backstage and that they were warm, fed, watered, and happy. I’d like to thank all of our full time NPCs that helped us out for the weekend, Shane P, Mike M, Derek R, John Fawkes, Amy S, Bria R, Charlotte P, Cian K, Dan B, David P, Derek R, David P, Derek R, Emily P, Ethan N, Garion D, Jeremy D, Josh A, Kat S, Nathan K, Paul M Sr, Ronica R, Sean O, Sierra G, Steven M, Bethany W, Charity W, John B, Beth S, Bri B, Britanny R, John S, Joshua R and Laura B.

    Not only did we have 33 full time NPCs, we also had 45 PCs that crossed over and either helped with an NPC shift or they helped in the kitchen. Thank you to Adam P, Alana A, Amber F, Billy D, Bobby C, Brandon L, Buddy S, Candance W, Casey Y, Cassie C, Chris F, Chris G, Dane F, Devorah M, Dia C, Elizabeth N, Emily R, Izzy V, Jack R, James H, Jeremiah J, John C, John J, Joseph B, Katie C, Laura B, John A, Mandi M, Marc T, Marcea C, Mark C, Megan P, Nickolas S, Nissa O, Padme M, Paola G, Paul I, Paul M Jr, Ruth B, Ryan M, WIlliam H, Zach R, and Zander W. I can tell you that it’s super appreciated when you step out of the game you are playing to help us out backstage, thank you!

    Lastly, I’d like to thank the owner of Alliance Denver, Jesse Grabowski, for trusting me enough to run this event and for being there and present before, during and after the event for anything I needed. Also Devorah Mack, my girlfriend for supporting me through my stress and madness leading up to the event and making sure I stayed sane.

    If you haven't had a chance, please fill out our feedback form so that we can figure out what to improve for next time! https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B1iWPxL6zkysM1gwX3kxN2pzdDA

    Thank you!
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    Your 2108 National Event Plot Team wishes to extend our utmost thanks to the truly AMAZING crew of NPCs we had backstage! This included many of our usual Denver full-timers, so many crossovers from amongst the PCs, and players from Utah, Kansas, Minnesota, and Illinois among other regions who came out just to volunteer for the event.

    We had a great time practicing our ratmen roleplay in conversation backstage, whispering to each other in the darkness to test whether that was scary enough for the spider fight, testing our glow-in-the-dark movements in the darkness to make sure we got everything just right to set the atmosphere! We had such a great crew, and they made this event a success!

    Here are some notes handwritten on our “Awesomeness Board” which hangs backstage. Because these are transcribed from what has handwritten… they may not always make much sense!

    Amy Siadak – Brought a bunch of resources back so we can reseed. Organized cool ritual to imbue weapons

    Bria Roberts – Spirit write-ups were so helpful! Always keeps the trains running on time. Logistics Queen! <3 You’re awesome!

    Charlotte Pettengill – Awesome pantomiming! Cheerful & fun at first LARP! Great job in all the roles you did!

    Cian Kinderknecht – Enthusiastic, listens to instructions, handled ratmen like a boss in first big fight!

    Dag Begnoche – Repeater is too cool because he jumps in everywhere!

    David Pettingill – Welcome back, and congrats on the marriage!

    Derek Reed – Running pretty much the whole event. “Dude is just on top of it, effectively.” Hard charger and fast learner!

    Emily Pettingill – Took rumormongers and made bigger encounter and ran with it! BOUNDLESS ENERGY! Kept campaigning for ratmen interests. Always a pleasure to see you perform.

    Ethan Niederauer – Great job organizing people, even Plot! Extreme endurance fighter, always a pleasure

    Garion Daniels – Takes excitement in playing monster chicken!

    Jeremy Daniels – Together with Garion, the “Batman & Robin team!” Ran Monster Desk when no one else was able to!

    Josh Alexander – Super tried everything to save PC’s life on mod! Endless energy, excellent portrayer! WEHAN LIVES! <3 Thank you!

    Kat Schuchard – Did great job roleplaying ratmen trader! Animated energy, fun and resourceful player. Our organizational wizard, catalogued all our mod write-ups so we could find anything!

    Mike Messmer – Damn trolls, I’ll kill all green skins! Never stop preaching the incants of DEATH! You’re amazing!

    Nathan Klisch – Came all the way out from Chicago to volunteer, and stepped up to run some mods for us! Welcome backstage at Denver anytime!

    Paul Mosher, Sr. – Made jambalaya to feed everyone! Way good as bad guy in repeater. Always a great provider of thinking!

    Ronica Reilly – Always a pleasure to see and have your energy. The only one who knows where everything is!

    Sean O’Loughlin – All that fighting stick.

    Sierra Gattrell – Took rumormongers and made bigger encounter and ran with it! Great job with the escape room! Helped with neatto ratmen siblings encounter.

    Stephen Milowe – Helps in tavern! Such good attitude! Smart to check in and out when leaving site. Way helpful with repeater setup and re-setup!

    Bethany Wilson – Best cluck tamer!

    Charity Winzer – Best violinist/fae. Had neat idea from ratmen village

    John Bond – Best ratman 10/10

    Beth Seethaler – Phenom at the escape room roleplay!

    Bri Bedore – So eager to help and play any part! Can’t believe first time LARPing! What?? This is her first time LARPing?!

    Brittany Roig – I loved every event we saw you in. Stay fantastic!

    Brooks Bedore – Good flavor on ratmen! Roleplayed “injury” so well that Trace safety-checked on him

    John Seethaler – Repaired a ton of weapons. (Seriously?? Thanks from Trace!)

    Joshua Reynolds – RATMEN! Ratmen? Thank you! Gave up your PCing to rock with us!

    Laura Bedore – Added fun color last minute to rumormongers – Creative ideas for ad hoc encounters all weekend! Great job on the Baroness! We loved your energy backstage, and willingness to pitch in everywhere creatively.

    Darrin Myers – Coordinated final field battle rewrite, and wrote one of the most successful mechanical battles that Denver has ever portrayed – NO HOLDS!

    Ian Moriarty – Best field battle Marshal – can always see him! Scout Master!

    Jenn Beach – Great production value on mods!

    Jesse Grabowski – Tireless scouting, hooking, marshaling mods – Living the dream, LARPLAND 2018!

    John Siadak – Great portrayal of “Lord Finther” and the Voridium knight!

    Taylor Kaiman – Running around so much and being amazing! Thank you for everything – you’re the best! And just so cheerful backstage, with such a great pro-PC attitude!

    Trace Moriarty – Best ratmen helper, trader, and writer!

    Shane Proctor – Just HANDLED the Archaeologists Guild! Great communication with Plot! Never stopped with the sass, much loved!

    John Fawkes – Jumped in as ad hoc spirit, always says yes to monstering when needed!

    What follows here are the comments pulled from your Event Commentary, which we here in Denver always appreciate, and want to share with our NPCs:

    “Thank you, everyone!! From the Canadians!! :)

    “HUGE kudos to Will Haddon for being the creepy A.F. Redcap at the Fae party, as well as Paola for playing the most sinister and lovely fae queen. I also really enjoyed Sierra Gattrell who played one of the spirits trapped in the tavern and also the very excited Dryad (I'm afraid I didn't catch her name).”

    “All the constructs from the Tower of Pain/Doom OMG. Trace Moriarty for doing the Screaming for Ian Moriarty's Arcane Death throwing self.”

    Bri Bedore and her mother, Laura Bedore were AMAZING. Please get them back whenever you can. I love the oomph they put into their roleplay, whether as Dryads, or as Regalia and her performers, or even as the baroness and her entourage. They really added so much to the game.”

    “The NPCs who played the Brother (I think the character names were Ashmir and Sandra?) were amazing. And the guy who played the ‘Master’ was incredible. There were a lot of characters he played throughout the weekend where his bravado really served him. He was also great for my immersion. Everyone was so good! I also really liked all of the ratmen. I hope they come back into New Acarthia. I like them better than wakeup goblins, ;)

    “I really loved the young ladies who played the cavemen in the mod where we challenged cavemen. And the guy whose name I can't remember. Ask Jenn who the four NPCs were on the mod with all the agility tests and the challenges lol. They rolled with the punches, and we loved it.”

    “I really appreciated the way Darrin Myers played Donovan. It was a great character, and I hope he comes back. I'd love to have ethical debates with him and my character.”

    Bri Bedore acted as a ratman trader a few times. She was phenomenal. She acted with her whole body.”

    Mandi in both the ‘Burn the Orc’ scene and the Terminal. She was so good and engaging.”

    Doug Dexter was such a great actor that I didn't recognize him in even one of the roles he played.”

    “The Bedore Family was so lovely to interact with. All of them had such strong characters that made the game feel very alive.”

    Shout outs to “Trace Moriarty as Tess, as Ratmen. Sean O’Loughlin as Doorian the Door”

    Shout outs for Taylor Kaiman as Dragon Mage, Zander as a ratman leader

    “Shoutouts to ALL of NPC camp and plot for a great event overall. In particular:
    Shoutout to Paul Mosher, Sr. for his wonderful Emperor portrayal. I'm lucky the mask hides my tears most of the time, the meaning of those words will be sticking with my character for quite a long time.
    Shoutout to John Siadak as well for the Knight before the Baron, those questions were wonderful and even though I didn't answer them directly myself they gave me more things to think about in regards to Acarthia's Code of Chivalry.
    Shoutout to Sean O’Loughlin for putting up with our Doorian suggestion.
    Shoutout to Josh Alexander for everything that tried to kill me, you will definitely be missed here in Denver.
    Shoutout to Paola for Araxe (sp?) the fortune elemental. What wonderful roleplay, even if it ended in a charm.
    Super shoutout to Garion Daniels for also trying to murder me all weekend, and for being the hero who ran to grab the ice pack for me when I got hurt.”

    “Loved all the NPC at the fae party. They were all very distinct and really added to the fun/dangerous environment.”

    Sean O’Loughlin as DOORMAN for the water cave. He tolerated some shenanigans. Ian Moriarty's thing on Sat night scared the crap out of me. RATMEN. Stone Elf construct played by John Siadak; that was not my type of encounter but it was interesting to watch. Taylor Kaiman as the Solana fella.”

    Thank you again, NPCs and volunteers, from the bottom of our hearts here in Alliance Denver!

    Trace Moriarty
    2018 National Event Plot Team

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