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  1. Jesse Grabowski

    Jesse Grabowski Fighter Owner Denver Staff Kansas Staff Marshal

    WE have Dates!!!!
    ALL 2018 games will take place at our beloved Camp Four Winds!

    June 29-July 1

    July 27-29

    August 10-12 (tentative)

    September 7-9

    October 19-21

    December game - Maybe first weekend? Last one was cold... should we?
  2. JakReaver

    JakReaver Newbie

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  3. Nikorisu

    Nikorisu Newbie

    Definitely! It was cold, but it was great!
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  4. omegachaosis

    omegachaosis Newbie

    300% december event needed
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  5. RMEloveslife

    RMEloveslife Newbie

    Whoo hoo! Yes to December, I think!

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