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  1. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Squire Owner Chicago Staff

    Donation List 2019- All items will have Goblin Stamp pay outs determined based on quantity and quality. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, but general rule of thumb will be 5:1 gobs based on cost of item and roughly a 40 gobs per hour of labor.
    • Jewelry Display (the foldable 3 door/window kind-that is easy to transport)

    • XL in-genre, good quality shirts/tunics/etc.

    • Shoulder strap packet bags in neutral color (black, brown, gray)

    • Ready-to-use trap reps (no mousetraps, please)

    • Ultralight weapon cores

    • Duct Tape for weapon making

    • Drinks for monster camp (water/gatorade/ect)

    Packets are always welcome but currently are only at a rate of 1 packer per Goblin Stamp ie 1:1

    We also have a couple of special projects IF you are interested reach out to me!

    Lastly Cash is always accepted via paypal to robertdautovski@yahoo.com and is currently at a 4:1 ratio. However watch for fundraiser opportunities where the ratio will be double or moreā€¦.
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  2. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Curious what would a trap rep look like?

    Asking for a friend.
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  3. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Seriously what does a trap rep look like or fuction?
    Should it be a functioning lock or spring-trap device(I know not mousetrap strength)?
  4. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Squire Owner Chicago Staff

    Trap reps are kinda complicated, we have had a few donated though. We can talk on facebook to try and give you some guidance if your feeling crafty!
  5. jdackow

    jdackow Scholar

  6. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Squire Owner Chicago Staff

    Important Update! We are bumping packets to a priority. Two wet events in a row have decimated our packets.

    Gobbies are 1:1 still but .......
    every 100 will generate an LCO crafting ingredient
    every 500 will generate a loot crate
    every 1000 will generate a once ever bonus please speak with Nate or Rob at event!!
  7. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Artisan

    Are you still only looking for neutral colors, or everything?
  8. Dani

    Dani Newbie

    And I have a thousand white packets with your guys name on it :)[​IMG]

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  9. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Squire Owner Chicago Staff

    Mostly Neutral is needed, although some Orange would be great JT,

    And Amazing Dani!

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