2019 Memberships

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It is Membership Time again!

The annual membership fee for 2019 is $25 if you pay on or before 12/31/18, or $30 if you pay on 1/1/19 or later. This helps us cover the cost of our insurance for the year and pay for coin ordered.

Every Alliance Seattle player must pay membership in order to play. If you are not from Alliance Seattle and are a traveling player with membership in another chapter, you will be exempt from paying the membership fee in Seattle.

You may pay your membership fee by sending your payment to paypal@alliance-seattle.com. Please include your full name in the PayPal notes with the payment. If you would like to pay by check, you may send an email to manager@alliance-seattle.com. Our logistics team will also take cash onsite at events.
If you do not pay your membership fee by December 31st, 2018, you will be removed from the Monthly Blanket List. A membership is required in order to purchase monthly blankets for all players, including chapter staff. If you pay your membership on January 1st, 2019 or later, you will need to send a separate email to logistics.

The 2019 Membership will last from January 1st, 2019 until December 31st, 2019.

(Again) we require a paid membership in the Seattle Chapter in order to receive monthly blankets on your character. On January 1st, 2019 if you have not paid your 2019 membership, you will be removed from Seattle's Monthly Blanket List.

We charge this membership fee to cover additional expenses - primarily insurance coverage for our events.

Please note that one does NOT require a membership to receive credit via the Season Pass


The following list of people have paid their membership fee. If your character is listed after your name, then you're all set for the monthly blankets! If you WANT a monthly blanket, fill out this form! https://goo.gl/forms/pxnCgF6dQszkaKpl2

Amaral Michael
Bainbridge Nathan - Dante
Bird Seth - Alavatar
Bond Amber - Jenali
Bond Nick - Elec

Brewer Nick
Carlos Jesus
Conklin Brynn - Lledrith
DeBruhl Ben - Stoke
Doyle Luke - Bjorn
Duble Chris - Zayn Carver

Eskridge Melissa
Fenerty Adam - Boganzi
Fultz Heather - Gally Thornrose
Gallaher Justin
Gigante Jessica
Gourdine Anthony
Gregory Bryan - Polare
Gregory Amy - Jemenfiche

Gregory Etienne
Hagen Lauren - Sprig
Hemm Amber-Rose
Hertzog Matt - Lycose
Johnson Kyle
Kelley Jorbie
Kenneally Tabitha - Cashia
Lee Eric
LeBlanc Brandon - Valfurion
Lewis Brad - Eli
Marion Bill - Thok

Marion Alice
Miller Rachel - Vellis
Moody Isabelle - Marrow

Mungo Tony
Newcomb Seth
Oberlin Erik
Osborne Lisa
Pankow Megan - Azalee
Papageorgacopoulos Eleni
Pinder Alex
Potter John - Lynx
Randall Josh - Ko Westrain
Rawson Evan - Zeth

Rector Joel
Reed Michael
Renner Shane - Brayden
Renner Kathryn
Shettell Emily
Sleight Nathanael - Gorphy
Snyder Jonathan
Staiger Adam
Stana Stephen - Thud
Steele-Sierk Emma
Stowell Andy - Tantarus
Stratman Jennifer
Strausbaugh Anna
Sweeney Brett - Flindo
Syring Jason - Darelin

Trujillo Paul
Wagner Matt - Morikai
Wagner Chantell - Panda

Walterbach Joseph
Wessner Ryan - Luke Bluwolf
White Craig
Woodward Brent - Best Dwarf
Woodward Kristin - Bevin

Updated 2/23/19
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Hey, folks!

Last few days to buy memberships for $25! On Jan 1, they go up to $30! Also, if you've bought a membership and would like to be on the monthly blanket list, please fill out this form. You will NOT receive any monthly blankets if you don't fill out this form.

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