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    The 2019 Alliance Chicago Schedule
    All Weekend Events will be $75, One Days are $25, and the Long Weekend is $130 but will receive discounts for folks who preregister; although please check each event for full details!

    There will be 4 Weekend Events, and 3 One Days, and a Long Weekend (3Day) -also look for announcements about hangout/crafting one day and a 2.0 conversion/hangout one day coming up soon.

    2019 Schedule is as follows!!
    April 26th Weekend
    May 24th Long Weekend (3Day)
    July 14th One Day
    August 4th One Day
    August 30th Weekend
    October 4th Weekend
    November 1st Weekend
    January 19th 2020 Feast One Day

    Season Pass Membership Options Come in three tiers: All tiers get a 2019 Chicago Membership a $20 value with the purchase of a pass.

    Pay No Play Season Pass Level 1 $40 - Get any four events specified when the pass is bought to a character of your choice.

    Pay No Play Season Pass Level 2 $85- Get all of our event dates credited to a character of your choice...please note if you attend an event which overlaps we will credit you with 30-90 goblinstamps based on which event it is.

    Full Season Pass Membership Level 3 $340- Get paid admission to all Chicago 2019 Season Events (including any which are added) and if you miss an event automatically get it blanketed for you. Also as a huge bonus perk you get 1000 goblin stamps!!!
    --Make your Season Pass Refundable for $425- We understand some folks struggle to make every event but like prepaying for the season, so we offer this new option. If you miss an event and request refund within 7 days to waysidelogistics@gmail.com we will give a refund equal to the preregister price. So with a normal weekend that will be a $60 refund. You will still get the event blanket applied!

    Season Passes must be paid for by no later then the season opener April 26th....

    Paypal to robertdautovski@yahoo.com

    Questions maybe sent to waysidelogistics@gmail.com
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