2020 calendar

Happy to announce the upcoming season you will see me out taking pictures for the 2020 Calendar. Pictures will be started at the January Event. I will be doing individual, group, and guild pictures. I am super excited to be helping with this, as it incorporates my favorite people, you guys, LARP, and my photography background. Pricing will be announced later by either Rob or myself.


Is there any process for those who want to opt out of being used in printed works? I know there are some folks who would rather not.


Chicago Staff
It is really as simple as telling Leanne since she will take photos and compile the calendar. So IM purple_peachor speak to her in person.
I will be taking pictures of anyone who might want to be in the calendar or you can take pictures and send them to my email at purple.peach83@gmail.com I will take a look at them and see what we can do add them to the list of pictures any questions send me a message.