2020 Season Cancellation


Hey guys, we've done a lot of back and forth talking on this and come to the conclusion that it is not only in our best interest, but also the best interest of our whole community if we cancel the entire 2020 season. While we do not yet know what this will mean for the campaign next year in spring, our players health is more important to us. We'll be having meetings over the fall and hopefully keep updating content on the forums and elsewhere with story as we can. Sorry for the delay on the announcement, we wanted to work with the camp to make sure we were alright to cancel those events. We care about you all so much and can't wait to be out playing with you again. Unfortunately it's going to have to wait a little, but lets keep strong through it as a community and share all the awesome things we're working on. In these rougher times we would like you to take a little time to give shout outs to others and share some positivity from some of your past games and give some call outs to others in our community that have really made you feel thankful and appreciative at any point in your larping history so far.

Can't wait to play with you all again in 2021 in person, and until then, lets get some video games or online interaction going! :D