2020 Tavern


I'll be hosting your tavern for 2020.

Standard breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages.
Available for in game coin - prices vary.
Cash donations strongly encouraged, please make sure they find their way to me (Anique). I will get you gobbies for it.

Allergies: If you've got em, I need to know about em.
Name - Date attending - Allergy.
Post here or send me a private message.
Please post once prior to each event you are attending (so I don't have to scroll through numerous pages for current attendees).
Please refrain from unneeded chatter on this thread.

We have limited cooking apparatus at our assorted sites, but I will do what I can to accommodate as many allergy needs as possible.
Cross contamination is always a possibility. Please be prepared.
I will happily discuss ingredients as needed.

No, I probably will not be posting a menu prior to events.
Due to lack of facilities, most meals will be casserole/one pot style.

Please Pre-Reg! Even if you are NPCing!
I need to know how many people to feed.

*I am ServSafe and First Aid/AED certified if needed*
I'd really like to not need it...


I would like exclusively breakfast burritos



Also I’m not a vegetarian anymore



You know you can make this like a prereg question yeah?
I did think of that, but since I don't see the pre-regs, it doesn't really help me :)