HQ Staff
Fundraiser drive.

Hello friends. It's the beginning of the year. This year, more so than any other, we need your help. With an entire season with no play, we find ourselves in a spot. So here's to healing and putting things in place at our new home.

In short, we have a financial goal of $5000. That money will allow us to rebuild a permanent monster camp/sleeping area/ storage area for the site, and put in some fixes for us to run a smoother game.

“Kyle, usually there are rewards and such for these kinds of things-” you are darn tootin there are!

This year we will be running this fundraiser from today 1/20/2021 until the end of April. During that time period any who donate at least $25.00 will get a 10 x Gobbie exchange. As always if you donate over $500.00, you will get a set dragon stamp ratio as well pending owner approval.

IF we can as a group raise over $5000, then we will increase the level cap by one level!!!! If we make it to $7500 then two levels. This will continue for every $2500 beyond goal. I know it's wishful thinking but hey it's what I do.

There are a ton of other rewards. They will be set up by the end of April when all donations are added together. We will let you know about once a month where we stand.

The rewards and tiers are below:

You get goblin stamps at a 10:1 ratio and a crisp High air-5 from Kyle!

All previous Rewards!
A NEPA Sticker (which can be picked up at game!)

All previous Rewards!
You will get a magic item pick.

All previous Rewards!
Increased resources to distribute each event to the Cairn projects you desire.

All previous Rewards!
Work with one of our writers to help create a backstory that weaves into the world of Ascension.
+1 Magic Item Pick (2 Total)

All previous rewards!
On top of that, you’ll get 2 basic level crystals to start and an extra supplies pack (foig for these goodies).
+1 Magic Item Pick (3 Total)

All previous Rewards!
Well equipped! Start with a Horse to bring to the surface and a domicile for RP purposes.
PLUS, if you build an Ascension character, you can work with plot to create a specialized mount that your family has reared since before the fall. This is treated like a horse for travel (non-merchantable).
Custom personal storyline written around you and your backstory (with 4 personal mods).
+1 Magic Item pick (4 Total)

All previous Rewards!
Plus we work with an artist to do a character portrait in color!
On top of that, you can help us name some of the factions, as well as flora and fauna. If you choose to NPC, you can be cast as a pivotal recurring character.
Dragon stamps will also be given as appropriate for the donation.
+1 Magic Item pick (5 Total)

-$1,000: (4 available)
All previous Rewards!
You can help us name major cities, and your character will have a tie into some of the ancient adventuring companies or houses.
You gain one 3rd level crystal, team artwork of your character and up to 3 other characters, attunement for a season to the "Apparatus", and free membership for the first year.
You can help create some history for the continent, and an artifact that may be available in game.
+5 Magic Item pick (10 Total)

-$2,000+: (3 Available)
All previous Rewards!
However instead of team art we will do a photo shoot!
A plot essential schematic which we work into your characters story of long forgotten technology.
+10 Magic Item picks (20 Total)
A handmade copy of the Hobling cookbook for Ascension!

-$3000+: (2 Available)
All Previous Rewards!
Custom bracers or spellbook work by Alex Steslow and story to accompany.
One Boon of the forgotten at the highest tier per event for the first 3 years.

-$5000+: (Super unrealistic BUT)
You will get all of the above and you will not have to pay for your events and lifetime membership!

In-game Reward FAQ

Cairn Projects
Throughout the experience of Ascension, resource management will be essential to survival and combating and adapting to the world around you. Each event and between events players can contribute resources gathered or actions taken towards particular efforts. Normally there will be 3 going on at a time. It could be things such as : Clear land of cattle and push back predator species, Unearth ruined buildings for resources and materials, Work on irrigation to allow for more crops. Etc. These are some of the more base ones but who knows what we will come up with or you will!

As one of the champions chosen for the surface you will have some say in where and what you apply your efforts to. Just realize there will be repercussions as much as rewards.

The Crystals
Originally thought to have grown near areas where the Ley Lines came to the surface, crystals that can store magic within the lands of Ascension have been closely tied to the story of the people themselves. Cultivated and shaped over eons, the crystals functions varied based on color, size and shape. Some were used as power sources for magic, while others were directly imbued with powers. Unfortunately, the knowledge to cultivate and grow these magics has been lost since The Fall. Now the few that remain are safeguarded, and are only used in the most dire of need. They are avidly guarded, and are protected for the potential of what they can do.
Their in-game effect will be myriad. They could unlock ancient technology, be used to trump trade goods, sold for profit, open up areas that need to be explored etc. Crystals are an LCO way for us to add plot and open up new choices and avenues of adventure for players. The larger the crystal, the more charge in them and greater power they hold. There are 3 known sizes of crystals. Crystals to all knowledge cannot be reused once spent.

Supplies and resource packages
In Ascension, you aren’t just responsible for your survival but for that of other non-adventuring types who make it to the surface. Every event more people may be released from the Cairn and need your help. Your resources you gather and protect, the projects you help build and maintain and the difference you make keeps you all alive. With these bundles you will get extra LCO goods that can be used to support these needs.

Backstory Tie-ins
In the world of Ascension there is a great deal of history left to be unearthed. Yet throughout all this time so much still remembered. People whom had donated and worked with plot will have some extra skin in the game so to speak and maybe more to gain...or lose when things are brought to light.


We are adding a new way to spend goblin stamps!
There are powers at work in the world that are long forgotten.

Boons of Nature: Deal with healing and restoration of mind and body.
Boons of Hope: Deal with empowerment and purpose
Boons of Despair: Deal with boons of destruction and overcoming obstacles
Boons of Ether: Deal with boons of more esoteric and magical means.
Boon of the Pathfinder- Bonus resource collection at every npc shift you take!

All of these Boons purchased are for the weekend they are purchased and do not carry over. Only one Boon can be purchased per character per weekend. Each level gains the powers of the levels below it in addition to what you select.

Boons of Nature: Deal with healing and restoration of mind and body.
250 GB Initiate- Cure wounds (5) 1/We, Cure wounds (10)1/ We, Cleanse 1/We
500 GB Fulcrum- Awaken 1/We, Lesser Earth Storm 1/We
` 1000 GB Keystone- life 1/We

Boons of Hope: Deal with empowerment and purpose
250 GB Initiate- Resolute 1/we, Resist Element 1/we, Resist Spell 1/We
500 GB Fulcrum- Resolute 1/we, Mettle 1/we,
` 1000 GB Keystone- Phase 1/we

Boons of Despair: Deal with boons of destruction and overcoming obstacles
250 GB Initiate- resist Binding 1/We, Evade 1/We, Resist Poison 1/we
500 GB Fulcrum- Assassinate 1/we, Dodge 1/We
` 1000 GB Keystone- Doom Blow 1/We

Boons of Ether: Deal with boons of more esoteric and magical means
250 GB Initiate- Wall of Force 1/We, Shatter 1 /We, Evocation Bolt (5) 1 W/e
500 GB Fulcrum- Circle of power 1/We, Lesser Magic Storm 1/We
` 1000 GB Keystone- Prison 1/We

Boon of the Pathfinder- Bonus resource collection at every npc shift you take!
250 GB Initiate- +1 to each on Npc shift
500 GB Fulcrum- 1 reroll during NPC shift, must take second roll (+5) to roll
`1000 GB Keystone- 1 Reroll during NPC shift. Take the best option (bonuses must be chosen before the second die roll)