2021 National Event Donations

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
2020 2021 National Event Donations

Q: What is the process for donating items?

First, take a look at the list below and find something that hasn't been claimed, and e-mail nationals2020@chicagoalliancelarp.com with what you would like to donate and in what quantity. Once you have sent in what you'd like to donate, our staff will respond that we received your e-mail, discuss any necessary specifics, and approve your donation (or otherwise tell you that someone already has it covered). The item on the list below will then be marked PENDING to indicate that someone is working on it. The list will be updated pretty frequently and will be items will be marked Pending on a first-come-first-serve basis (with the caveat that we may spread out larger-quantity items like packets, tabards, or weapons between multiple interested donors rather than having one person claim the entire quantity to help ensure that we get). As time goes on, we may send out a follow-up email to people with Pending donations to check in on their progress. Once the item is received by our staff, the listing will be marked RECEIVED.

Q: Where do I ship things?
Please ship any National donations to the following address:
Alexander Thompson
1544 Iowa Ave E
Saint Paul, MN 55106

We would prefer donated items be provided to the address above to ensure that we have everything accounted for at the event, but we may accommodate some in-person deliveries to some of the more local staff members in the Chicago area depending on the donation in question. This will mostly apply for difficult-to-ship items (such as large weapons, etc.).

Q: When are donations due?
Donations should be received no later than August 1st, 2021 if at all possible.

Q: What if I am no longer able to donate something I said that I could?
Please send an email to nationals2020@chicagoalliancelarp.com to let us know if you are unable to donate something you claimed so that we can make it available for someone else to work on.

Q: Do I have to donate the entire desired quantity of an item?
Nope! Feel free to just let us know how many you are able to contribute and we will leave the rest of the quantity for other people to fulfill.

Q: Can I donate straight cash?
Sure! For more information on cash donations, please see the following post: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/nationals-2020-cash-donation-drive.40765/

Q: How many Dragon Stamps (DS) do I get for my donations?
Purchased donations will be given 2 DS per $5 spent. Please provide a receipt for these items! Other items may have a specific DS value awarded, as listed by their entry on the Donation list. Please note that this value is an estimate and may be subject to change, though it should be pretty close to the final amount granted. For crafted items, DS will vary depending on dollar value and workmanship.

2021 National Event Requested Donations List

Please note that as the Plot Team finalizes its plans for the event over the next few months, additional items may get added to this list!

In addition to the below list, we have also started an Amazon Wish List of items you can directly purchase and send our way! Be sure to check that out:
https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/98AOTQQFE7IX?ref_=wl_share Please note that these items do not specifically need to be purchased on Amazon; if you wish to purchase them elsewhere (local, at a lower price, etc.) and ship them to us, you are entirely welcome to do so.

- Elf Ears x 15 sets - RECEIVED
- Dwarf Beards x 4 - RECEIVED
- Large Selunari Gems (assorted colors, but especially green) - PENDING (Daphne P.)
- Oathsworn spikes sets (attached to headband: example) x 10 - 6 RECEIVED
- Biata feather glasses (Example, example) x 6 (assorted colors, faux/stage/no lenses only) - PENDING (Sam S.)


All clothing items must be fully finished, with no frayed or unfinished edges. Tabards should be rectangular and measure approximately 20” wide and 72-84” long.

- Nice-quality tricorn hat x 1 - RECEIVED
- White tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Red tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Green tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Yellow tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Blue tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Purple tabard x 4 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Black tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - 5 PENDING (Jared M.)
- Gray tabard x 5 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Orange tabard x 4 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Undead/skeletal tabard x 8 (5 DS each) - RECEIVED
- Neutral-colored spell packet shoulder pouches x 4

Weapons should be within 4” of maximum length for their weapon type and must be constructed from a non-tapered, quality core (kitespar/fiberglass, etc. - please no PVC, bamboo, fishing pole, or golf club cores unless specifically approved by the Plot Staff for the event). Latex/Plastidip weapons may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

- Short Claw x 24 - 2 RECEIVED, 4 PENDING (William H.)
- Short Sword x 10 - 2 PENDING (William H.)
- Long Claw x 5
- Short Blunt x 6
- Short Axe x 2
- Long Sword x 8 - 4 PENDING (William H.)
- Long Axe x 1
- Long Blunt x 3
- Two-Handed Sword x 3
- Two-Handed Blunt x 1
- Two-Handed Claw x 1 - RECEIVED
- Polearm x 3
- Staff x 1

- Leafy garlands, roughly painted black - PENDING (Jared M.)
- White Headbands - 10 PENDING (Jared M.)
- Orange Headbands x 5 - 5 PENDING (Jared M.)
- “Classic” wand reps (9”-16” long, 1/4"-1” wide, etc.) x 25 (assorted designs/colors) - RECEIVED, 22 PENDING (Jon D.)
- Green laser pointer x 1
- Combination locks x 10

Custom and/or Fancy Props, etc.:
All of the following are special, high-quality props that we are hoping can be tailor-made for us by some of our skilled craftspeople across the Alliance! If you are interested in helping create any of these items, let us know and the Plot Team will let you know additional details regarding the specifics of what we are looking for!

- Books with custom stylized covers (akin to example, example, example, etc.), each with a different theme x 8:
- Book #1- RECEIVED
- Book #2 - RECEIVED
- Book #3 - PENDING (Erin O.)
- Book #4 - PENDING (Elizabeth ?.)
- Book #5
- Book #6 - PENDING (Amanda F.)
- Book #7 - PENDING (Sam S.)
- Book #8 - PENDING (Daphne P.)
- Base mask (such as a hockey mask) with additional decorations x 6 - PENDING (Sam S.)
- Custom shield - PENDING (Ethan R.)
- Custom plastidip/latex long weapon - PENDING (Ethan R.)
- Different-colored banners painted with symbols x 4 - PENDING (Daphne P.)
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Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Is there a need for spell/trap-alchemy/arrow packets?
There likely will be a little later, but we want to take stock of our current packet supplies (which are currently in storage) before posting up packet donations.


Clarifying question on the tabards. Would you like them double sided, (Black and white, red and blue, etc) or the singular color as listed? Thank you!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Clarifying question on the tabards. Would you like them double sided, (Black and white, red and blue, etc) or the singular color as listed? Thank you!
It would probably be best for them to be single-colored.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
With the event being pushed back to September, the donation deadline for donated items has been extended to August 1st. Needless to say, though, you are welcome/encouraged to submit things earlier.


Are these items still desired? Are all the details the same?

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Are these items still desired? Are all the details the same?
The items that are marked received or unclaimed are indeed accurate, though I will be going through over the next few days and contacting folks with pending items to confirm whether or not they are still planning to make the donations in question, so some items might become available again. The list should be fully updated soon!

With the event being pushed back and other COVID stuff, I've been a little lax on keeping on the ball with donations communication. Sorry about that, and thanks for understanding!


Alexander -
I can confirm I have made the 3 wands/ 1 book, I just haven't dropped them off with you yet due to Ye Olde Plaguetimes. I still need to measure you for pants.


still need prepping these donations for 2021? and if so, need more Oathsworn bands? I made some for my home chapter, and still have some of the materials leftover and can make some more.


Chicago Staff
I will let Alexander answer better as he had things being shipped directly to him and probably has a more updated list then I do.

But we are certainly still looking for some of the donations.

Expect a major update on donations, event scheduling, and the like all to come in the next couple weeks.

Everyone in Chicago is absolutely pumped for next year as we all leave "The Season That Wasn't 2020" and move towards "The Best is Yet to Come 2021 Season" and we are excited to share this passion with everyone!!!