2021 Nationals - Story for the Ages Favorites


Chicago Staff
Thanks everyone for coming out to the 2021 National Event. It was easily the most fun I've had at a larp event since I started playing. The costuming was great from a PC side, the RP was enjoyable and the interactions was a blast. I know I can speak for the rest of plot that we enjoyed running this for you all, and look forward to PCing along side some of you in the future.

- Running the "Pikmin" mod for now the 9th time with a new set of PCs. There's just a lot of fun about seeing PCs controlling NPCs with different abilities to solve puzzles. Then realizing at the end that they had to make them talk in unison to complete the last part was great.
- Seeing the reaction on PCs when they realized the sword had musical notes on it after trying to figure out what order 16 random pictures had to line up on 8 pedestals. When they figured out it was do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do their faces lit up in celebration.
- Seeing the Dragon in action along with the HEADmaster(with purple hat on an eye-stalk). Just seeing PCs react to that part of the fight was such a highlight. "Sylas Ravensong, now YOU are expelled!"
- The Books! Loved everyone's take on them. They were all fantastic.
- I was sad the original NPC who was to play Archibald the Biata student couldn't make it, but I loved the story and RP that was between myself(Archi), the Stone Elves and Mila. As Nothic Archibald saying the only word he could repeat "Mila" to Mila herself was so sad.
- Hearing the PCs talk about the plan to take down the Souverin during the Meet and Greet.
- Hanging out Thursday night grabbing drinks and dinner; then more with Rob, Alexander, Nate, Matt and Ryan at the AB&B. Was just nice to chill before Nationals.
- Lucian's 5 certificates for Simmon. They were hilarious.
- Bluewolf's enthusiasm during the Shadowmoon Academy stuff and his reactions to Simmon. During the final battle, while he threw 15 lightning, "I really do love your work!" while continuing on.
- Dark Elf spell duels. Feeling confident after 3 years of not throwing Earth spells after the first fight, then being DESTROYED the next 2 rounds.
- The props in general! From the Paintbrush and Shield(Ethan/Steph) to the wands (myself/Emma/Jon D) and all of Alexander's weapons and mask, and the books and crowns; the look of this event from the plot side was great. I look forward to seeing who ended up with what and where it'll show up.
- PCs learning about each Tyrant being a person from Simmon's past like Claribel(Princess) and Clifford the dentist(dragon)
- The Painting. I already loved what Kyle/Carly did with it. Then you all painted the best stuff on it. I especially loved Mutt's "killing with kindness" bit.
- No specific interactions, but all the little discussions with PCs as the Editor. At the start of the event I was so fed up with Simmon but by the end of it with your influence he felt sorry for his brother in the end, instead of hatred.
- Cresswater Ritual teaching Corbel by trying to get him to backlash. “Feel that wind blowing? Here comes the hurricane!”.
- Tony, Codner and Emma. You 3 were an extremely helpful group of veteran NPCs and we could not of gone as smoothly without you. To the other NPCs both new and 2nd eventers, you all rocked it. Your enthusiasm and willingness was appreciated.

I'm sure I'll add more. Again, this was a lot of fun. You all rocked this event.

- Ryan (Gaius Lavendale, The Editor)
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What a stellar event! Truly, among the best I have played, period.

My top notch favorite part of this event was the lighthearted story arc and the tremendous amount of work put into it leading up to the event was very apparent. The lightheartedness kept things truly fun (as opposed to "end of the world doom" which gets old quick), and I have never attended an event with the sheer quantity of high quality reps I saw this weekend.

The food was amazing, per always, and I gotta say that I struggle to eat at hot events yet that bbq pulled pork disappeared with no issue. And the Chubby Hummingbird sign was hysterical! "An avocado with wings" made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe.

Pre-event, I loved seeing so many outdoor hangout spaces. I had a tremendous amount of Covid anxiety going into this event, but I feel like so many people pitched in to create outdoor spaces and I was able to stay a safe distance from folks the majority of the time but still be engaged. And people were consistently respectful, which was appreciated.

Friday night's opening town encounter really set the pace well for the event. Thanks to our amazing NPC turnout, I didn't feel like I was "fighting too much" or not letting others folks have a turn because there were ample mobs to murder.

Poking fun at the Illustrator, "have you looked? Guy didn't even draw stars or a moon, but he drew mosquitos?! Really?"

Saturday morning, that dragon fight was great! The monster rep was absolutely gorgeous and the flame balls were well implemented. Thanks again to Beryl for putting me in a sit/stay, and apologies to Skylark for rushing you to land that Life.

Every single mod leading up to Saltbeard was so tremendously enjoyable, and I am so happy to have met Mint, Tulli, and Muk (and Tonk!).

The treasure maps, complete with hidden treasure on site, were a top favorite of mine! It's one thing to see a loot bag out in the open, but it's a whole new level of satisfaction to actually follow clues and find it between the shed bark and trunk of a dead tree. Amazing!

Prepping Mr. Ordinary for his date with Hagatha was a consistent joy all day Saturday, then setting the scene with a romantic lit table, cheesecake dessert, and bardic love songs (all contributed by PCs) made that memorable. No idea where the Hag's cheesecake ran off to, it totally very mysteriously disappeared. Totally. Such a mystery. <,<

Painted Sands and the Sphinx is going to be a lifelong story for me. <3

Two word games! I also want to make that a fun tradition and carry it on. (My current favorite is "water writing"... scroll to the end of this post for the answer*)

The alteration of the Illustrator painting to include Mutt made my day! We're truly flattered to be immortalized in such a way. Now I wish I had encountered him in the field Sunday night.

The Jin fight was super great too, and thank you so much to the front line for letting me shout at y'all a bit and feel like a bad*ss. Playing tactician is always a good time. And can I take a moment to really appreciate how the "Mod A is prepped and ready with full physreps and makeup, but Mod B is what the PCs showed up to do," was handled? I love treating LARP as a collaborative storytelling experience, and giving us a firm but polite "no" and allowing us to switch gears to grab more folks/resources really kept things on the up and up. It could have gone very sour very quickly, but everyone kept their cool and pivoted with grace.

Saltbeard! Those mortars were super clever, and the NPC's were so fun to fight!

The mechanics of the daytime penguin vampire mod were very (selfishly) fun for me and gave me the opportunity to dust some undead, which is pretty much my favorite thing in the world to do.

BOOM, Shaka laka!! Having a plot person with no NPCs run a mod to entertain us where we use all our skills to fight each other is one of my absolute favorite rarely seen types of encounters.

Formation of the "Welcome Club" in regards to PG.

"Fighty Boi Daycamp, for all your Fighty Boi needs"

Getting to play "Vanna Mutt" to display all the super amazing and wonderful reps so folks didn't have to crowd the loot circle.

Teaching everyone hand clap signals to quiet down a group without anyone having to yell and scream.

The was the temperature dropped just in time for the Sunday night mod, and all of the fighting and happenings during that extended encounter. Mad props to the NPC's for taking the beatings, and also it's rare when I cannot tell who is who on a field and risk attacking friends.

Mad Libs and Pricess Pulverizer with Gertie. (Though really, all things Gertie <3)

I know there were so many more moments I am missing. Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen, and who (instead of curling up in a ball and not moving when the Pandemic hit like I did) continued to just keep polishing it for the additional 16 months it took from May 2020 to actually happening in September 2021. Your work shows and took this from a "pretty great event" to truly spectacularly memorable.

Jenn aka "Mutt"

*dribble scribble
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Thanks to all of the NPCs, plot team, and players for making this one of the best events that I have even participated in! Without further ado, favorites:

* diving into the water to collect kraken meat
* three person killing blow on the pirate captian, resulting in three of us taking the vengeance, worth it
* shattering a pirate mortar with a thrown knife, right down the barrel
* 3v3 duel with Pebbles and Shiny
* People randomly bringing me monster meat
* saving Alpha from a shatter spirit
* the dragon prop
* actually, all the props
* gathering intel on the headmaster
* I'm not gonna do much in this fight, immediately starts stalking the big bad
* pirate shanties

I'm sure I'll think of more!


Alliance Rules
It was such a privilege to be one of the folks running this event and I had an absolute blast this event. This event is easily the best I've ever been too and it makes it all the sweeter that I got to help run it. Here are some favorites!

-Meeting so many new folks! People I'd met once, people I'd only met online, people I'd never met before! I developed so many fast friendships this game and I loved interacting (both IG and OOG) with every single one of you.
-Breakfast ramen! Also the rest of the Companies food, but also breakfast ramen!
-Seeing all the lovely prop monsters in action. I'm glad so many people were excited for them.
- All the cool weapons we gave away. Seeing players eyes light up when they realized they got to keep the reps for the weapon too was delightful.
-I am the hammock in the dark who plays cribbage
-Seeing the outdoor village come together and seeing so many PCs having set up their own space to chill between mods. It truly was a small village surrounding a tavern and I hope its a thing we can continue locally
- One of the Author's first lines "You guys ROCK"
-Fishing with Stella. I loved running that mod and just chatting with PCs while they played a mini game.
-Julia in full Saltbeard costume was freaking awesome
-I've been excited to play the Emerald Emperor for probably two years now and I had a blast right up to his final words "No! Don't put me back in!"
-So many wonderful RP encounters! There are too many to name but I loved them all
-Sunday night cigars with Ethan, Matt, Ian, and others. Good chats and good friends
-And so many more! I'll progressively add more as I remember them

Thank you so much to every who came to the game and thank you so much to everyone who offered our team their kind words. This really meant the world to me and I'm so grateful to everyone for making this my best event ever.

Thanks yall!



I don’t even know where to begin, other than saying this was an amazing first nationals for me!

in no particular order because I don’t know if I could even come up with an absolute top moment (they were all amazing)

Pirate shanties and singing to the pirates

All of the prop monsters

the beautiful books

having Lucian tell me about the awards he was presenting to the author

while I’m a boring ritual caster to listen to :) (I tend to drone in monotone) having Crestwater trying to get me to backlash (which happens a few times)

the amazing costuming on the Bookbinder!

discussion of problems within the different mist spheres or shards depending on where people are from

Fighting the mortar

playing the pick up game with Vanya

mend armor storm vs 10 elemental damage

honor duels

rift singing with Kune

Blue Wolf “now you are expelled”

Tent city

the food pumped out by the Kitchen Staff, Thanks Derek and Ethan (and everyone that helped them this weekend)

the light hearted story

Djinn fight

beyonder fight, oh my that prop monster!

the tree with the lights saying if plot was available or not

In all, this was truly an amazing event and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks plot, NPC’s and Kitchen staff!


I have no Idea where to begin, this was my first time leaving my local Minnesota chapter and what an insane experience! I got to meet a lot of new people, see awesome new weapons and armor, see a whole variety of new fighting styles (such as the excellently costumed deerkin that tried to blow out a fire salamander), and was even given the privilege to play some big roles! Some of my favorites:

-Sneaking up behind some of my fellow NPCs and yelling, "WITH ME BY YOUR SIDE YOUR INVINCIBLE!"
-Hearing the reactions from PCs when I turned the corner in the Headmaster prop.
-Finally knowing the taste of blue saffron
-The Saltbeard shanty battle
-Just hanging out and talking with everyone in NPC camp
-All battlefield RP that I had with a variety of people where I got them to laugh

OMG almost missed all the great food, the breakfast ramen blew my mind!

I'm Val and I played Lucian the wolfkyn from Hireath. After a long break from Alliance, it was nice to break back in at a national game. I didn't get to experience all the various plots because a full wolf outfit and humid heat generally kept me seeking out cool air breaks but I did enjoy seeing them in action and how everyone reacted to them. The quick "wanna go on an adventure" pick ups of groups was fun and got a lot of mingling of people that were able to meet for the first time.

- Everyone enjoying my horrible awards to the Author.
- Being told that I was terrifying in the dark which means the costume was great.
- Meeting so many wonderful people.
- The poor elf who got to have an embarrassing story told to their group involving apple sauce.
- Chasing down the previous Illustrator and breaking & entering on the current Illustrator's place.
- Over-preparing for a camel mod.
- Fast planning with the dark elves on protection.
- Using Alchemical Solvent globes.
- My first backpack healer. Special thanks to Sir Rusty.
- "Simon..." "It's Simmon!"

Thank you all for the wonderful scenes and interactions. I had a great time.



Minnesota Staff
I had a blast from start to finish. There was so much to do all weekend, I had a great time.

-Coming into the pirate battle singing shanties.

-This one persistent NPC who kept getting behind me in the djinn battle with doom blows and assassinates, and one finally landing after I used my last Parry.

And awesome job Sid as the djinn, you said your card was "make sure the PCs have fun" and you absolutely rocked that

-Watching from behind as Ryan gave a big long monologue in the final battle as Butterhunk explaining that he will avenge love, and then walking up with an eviscerate as soon as he was done.

And in the same fight, seeing him collapse after someone else shattered his glistening oil.

-All the cool costume prop monsters. The dragon, Barahan, (spelling?) And the HEADmaster were all super cool to see and fight.

-meeting and hanging with a ton of new people. Super cool to meet everyone

-Bidding up the items from 1 to 5 with Sam and company during the first auction was great, had a really fun time with that.

And probably plenty more I will remember later!


Hi! Tuli here and about to spin out into a gush of omgthiswqsamazingandididntwannago!

First. Thank you. Thank you to the people I met, friends I made, and even the others I didn’t have time to meet because every single one of you added a spirit of adventure and life to this event. Every person made this into a tapestry of awesome sauce.

Second. Such a welcoming group!! You are all so forgiving of my mental lapses! From the panic of implementing a rule During battle to trying to remember 130 name x2. I forgot my own damn name at one point if it makes anyone feel better!

Third. Kitchen! Kitchen staff was the most beautiful place to bloom in Larp for me. I didn’t know the rules well yet because I found alliance again only a couple weeks before and while I read the rules- internalizing and remembering them during a battle moment is completely different. So kitchen let me chat with people and ask questions. Mila, Rynn, Sam, Briar, Iggy, Daddy Thaddy, Lion Ragaur, Jon, Mika, Spaz, Bill and more in the kitchen just made me laugh. Singing at the top of my lungs as I was exhausted and grating cheese was actually a very joyful moment. I was grateful for all the people saying thank you to the kitchen! Also a huge thank you to Mila and Iggy who let me abandon them for lunch and dinner on Sunday- I owe you guys. I remember watching a parade of people going off to fight the dragon as I prepared lunch through the window. Part of me was jealous and part of me realized I was helping feed everyone so when they came back they would have lunch. It will be a part of who Tuli is now.

Fourth. NPCs. Omg you guys are great. Guy with dreads. I want to fight you! Come at me bro! Let’s do it again! Also- I don’t know what crumple I had a staring contest with… but you are amazing.

Fifth. Mods! My very first fight was because Mint invited me and it’s where I got most of me “wealth” in the weekend. We went off to fight pirates and I remember Mutt being awesome and the fox guy with the high voice making me giggle! As everyone was fighting I snuck around (I’m sure they saw me and let me but still felt cool!) and grabbed the treasure box. I ran with it until all the attention came on me and dropped and pretended I lost all my health… I was actually worried I was breaking the rules and then alter learned it was ok! I got handed a sword at one point and still don’t know why! But everyone gave me all the arrows!!! I ended up with over like 500 arrows which ended up being important- and people kept saying “oh- that… no no keep that!” To things I had gotten through mods. NPCs made them awesome! Again- Mint led me into finding the key too and I went on the archery contest. I got to meet Black Forest people and “surely you have heard of us” and my laugh of “nope! I know nothing!” Followed by time waiting and swapping parenting stories was fun! Hope you guys had fun at dragon con! I do want to fight the man with dreds again… also! The woman NPC in the archery with the green shirt - are you a dancer??? You move like one! Jasper- your hair and charisma were so fun!

Six. Tent time! Thank you to Lady L for inviting me into your tent! I’m sorry I thought Cat was actually bleeding and we all needed to immediately call 911. Lol! You guys were so warm and inviting!

Seventh. Mila! Battle Buddy Love! You are my friend now.

Eight. Rynn! Omg I love my new belt pouches! And you giving me packets… just thank you sooooo much for so many things! Especially finding the magical item I dropped… lol

Nine. Sam! Ha! We are friends now! Small world. Also, that fighting lesson was everything before battle. Let’s fight again!!!!! But by the love of everything holy …. The cheese grating….

Ten. Battle!!! The Sunday night battle may be a highlight of my everything. I didn’t want it to end! Thank you to Eve and Alona the healers! And my shield potions! And my hundreds of arrows! Sam- thank you for adopting me when I was lost and running around alone! Mila- BATTLE BUDDY! Your accent is amazing.

Eleven. Plot! You guys are professional level awesome. Beyond words!

Twelve- Props! Ahhhhh props were awesome!!! And I need to send a special thank you to the person who made my new book!

Thirteen- the person who made the cookies !!! I need that recipe!!!

I have more but I’m just sleepy now so - thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hey everyone,

I won't lie, I was stressed and nervous going into this event. We had been working on preparations for this event for two years, and I was terrified of how it would all come together and be perceived by the players. What if they didn't like the more lighthearted tone of the event? What if they hated the portrayal of Lavendale out-of-game, instead of just hating the character in-game? What if players didn't like the Lost Page mod format? What if they didn't like the different book plotlines? What if we couldn't relate to and entertain the players we hadn't met before? There were so many things I was worried about, especially since this was the biggest event I had ever attended, let alone headed up the plot for. I had been absolutely stressing my brain out for months, bracing myself for the worst.

And then, the event was upon us. I held my breath, awaiting the players' thoughts, and they let me know quickly how they felt: They were having a blast with what we had built. All my worries melted away, and this became my favorite event I have ever run, hands-down.

Thank you. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for making this game everything that it was.

Thank you so much to my incredible Plot Team! Ryan, Carly, Kyle, Sid, Julia, Rob, I could not have done this without you, and I am extremely grateful to have you as my closest friends.

Thank you so much to my crew of NPCs! You all absolutely knocked it out the park, especially given that a lot of you were players newer to the game, and the event would have had a completely different energy without you! Special shout-out to Emma and Ryan C. for stepping up and helping as much as you did!

Thank you so much to the Logistics staff, for helping wrangle so many players from all across the country!

Thank you so much to the Kitchen staff, for their wonderful food throughout the weekend!

Thank you so much to everyone that helped with props, donations, and volunteering! It really help step up the caliber of the event!

And thank you so much to all the players! Seeing the ways you interacted with everything we had put together was truly magical for me.

My brain is still mush, but I'm formulating my list of favorites and will get that posted soon. I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate you all and your kind words about what we did. I feel pretty confident in saying that together, we did indeed make this a Story for the Ages!

I want you all to know that I definitely had as much fun helping run the event as you guys probably had playing it. It was a blast!
  • Running the Saltbeard plot. Seeing players figure out how to open the box. Pirate shanty battles. All of it.
  • NPC: "you need to leave." PC, walking towards the NPCs: "okay, we're going to leave this way."
  • Seeing how excited all the players were when they saw all the props and then how they were even more excited when they got to keep them.
  • Pikmin mod was a blast. I know my golem was immune to flame but man was it hot.
  • The HEADmaster. During the plot hold hearing all the PCs talking and congratulating themselves and chatting only to hear their audible gasps when it came around the corner.
  • The romance plot! We had no idea that would be such a hit but were so glad so many people liked it.
  • The painting. It was awesome to see all the creativity that went into defacing the illustrators work.
  • The PCs interactions with the Author were top notch. I loved how willing they were to banter with him and poke fun at him.
  • Nyio "so whats up with your shadow?" Alexander pauses mid-step through a doorway for what felt like a good 10 seconds. "My what?"
  • Watching Sid as the Djinn get sucked back into his bottle with about a dozen PCs standing around it chanting various things. People were into it!
  • I spent a lot of time in monster camp statting NPCs and helping them with costuming and such. It was so rewarding to see all of them bring so much energy and joy to each role they played. NPCs rocked it this weekend!

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Just so, so, so much.

- The entirety of the goldbone storyline. I am a complete sucker for pirates and I loved Tunk. That final fight was a blast, too (haha, mortars. Get it?). Excellent costuming for Saltbeard (Yes, I could see it in the dark!)
- The goldbone pirate chest! Amazing rep.
- Boom Shaka Laka fight! Everyone loves fighting their friends and this was a -really- good way to do it.
- 2 word game! Its a thing now. Forever.
- Being anywhere in the vicinity of Mutt after she got color vision.
- The foooooooooooood. The company always does a great job and I'm glad y'all were able to keep this consistent even with feeding more than twice as many people as normal. Breakfast ramen + Breakfast burritos were my favorite. I think I just like breakfast, honestly.
- Sooooooo many encounters with The Author. "A hush fell over the crowd as the author walked in..... I SAID A HUSH FELL OVER THE CROWD!"
- Ragging on the illustrator. Lazy work! No stars! Leaves are falling apart!
- Crayon delivery to mutt
- "Let it be known that I always take criticism from my readers..."
- Cheesecake catastrophe.
- Ranvier NOT PERMING. Also, "survival themed madlibs"
- The dragon prop monster! I am also a sucker for a prop monster.
- The books! So gorgeous!
- Welcome Club minicity
- Asana getting a nickname within, like, 30 minutes of showing up. Mr. Ordinary is an incredible name.
- Tenting with good folks. I forgot how much I actually like tenting at LARP once I'm actually *doing* it.
- "An avocado with wings"
- Seeing all the monsters + characters again in the final battle (Butterhunk nailed it.)
- "You need to leave!" "We are leaving! In this direction!"
- Hearing so many people come back from things I had no idea were even happening and how excited they were. This event was BIG!

And a LOT more.


*fistbumps pupperdoggo Lucian*
Racing wolfie to heat exhaustion.

Getting in a bidding war with someone for the Butterhunk book, the bookbinder reminding us it sucks... finally losing the bid cuz the hubby covered my mouth lol

Getting hit with Paralysis during the final fight for like 4 minutes in an epic "I have a potion and I'm not afraid to use it!" pose.

Successfully tagging Jasper with a cure 10 at a distance (I can't hit a target to save my life) and him playing possum til the boss over him moved.

Repairing the cook's friend's leather pouch

People's doubletakes when I came at them in the dark-they always thought I was an undead cuz of all the white lol

Fleeing like the coward I am when that big time shunning mob called out biata- and I was the only one there. XD best defense is good running shoes!

That slug. You know the one. I named him Slugnificent.

The bookbinders bouncy stride. I wish I'd made it on more of the big mods but we were taking it easy on this one.

Alexander, never doubt yourself again. You were AMAZING.

***Aulonauvimariousunetarom aka "Alona" aka "the White One"

*fistbumps pupperdoggo Lucian*
Racing wolfie to heat exhaustion.

Getting in a bidding war with someone for the Butterhunk book, the bookbinder reminding us it sucks... finally losing the bid cuz the hubby covered my mouth lol

Getting hit with Paralysis during the final fight for like 4 minutes in an epic "I have a potion and I'm not afraid to use it!" pose.

Successfully tagging Jasper with a cure 10 at a distance (I can't hit a target to save my life) and him playing possum til the boss over him moved.

Repairing the cook's friend's leather pouch

People's doubletakes when I came at them in the dark-they always thought I was an undead cuz of all the white lol

Fleeing like the coward I am when that big time shunning mob called out biata- and I was the only one there. XD best defense is good running shoes!

That slug. You know the one. I named him Slugnificent.

The bookbinders bouncy stride. I wish I'd made it on more of the big mods but we were taking it easy on this one.

Alexander, never doubt yourself again. You were AMAZING.

***Aulonauvimariousunetarom aka "Alona" aka "the White One"

Like this wolfkin would come in second place on overheating. ;)