2021 Policy: ADL Rule of Three

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Denver Staff
Rule of Three

The Rule of Three is a policy by which every attempt will be made to have no fewer than three staff members present at any out-of-game conversation between any member of the LARP community and a member of the Alliance Denver LARP Staff.

This policy protects everyone involved in the conversation from all failure to observe community standards or show due honesty or modesty; i.e. improper language, behavior, or character.

Additionally, having at least one additional pair of eyes and ears present during the conversation ensures that there are eyewitnesses present that are capable of corroborating actual events and conversation that takes place for the purposes of assisting with escalation or investigation.
  • Anyone involved in the conversation has the ability to request someone else join them in the conversation for the purpose simply to observe and listen, but not participate in the conversation.
  • Any of the original participants of the conversation have the ability to request a different observer be selected without providing a reason or proving just cause.

The intent of this policy is to provide a safer space in which everyone can freely communicate what needs to be said. If the presence of a particular observer is going to hamper that communication, then a different observer needs to be selected.
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