2023 Season Pass, Event Pricing & Membership

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Alliance Chicago

Chicago Staff
Hello unbounded! We have a super season pass to share with you all!

The season pass will be $595 and provides one free event in value. This includes all 8 events for the 2023 season.
At this time, we are only accepting paypal or cash for all transactions. Please direct all payments to paypal.me/ChicagoAlliance or rathfalllarp@gmail.com. Please include your name, and "2023 season pass" in the notes upon payment.

The weekends will be $90, the two 3 Days $125, and NPCs will pay 35 for all events. The final event of the year, The Feast, will be $95 for PCs. Everyone who registers by the set deadline will receive a $15 discount.

The Yearly membership is $20 and is included in the season pass, new player first event price, and as part of salary for logistics, plot, CS team, and senior staff. The membership must be up-to -date to request tags, cash in gobbies for anything not handled via CMA, and to physically attend events.
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