(3) NP: Planar Tear. PNA: New Orc Clan in Fairfax!


Chicago Staff
((CC: Sir Kurzon))

Also in mine and the other new adventurers' travels the Celestial Guild heard word of elementals on the material plane and wished it investigated.

It seems most likely that over the winter a new group/clan of Orcs found shelter in an otherwise unused or occupied collection of caves or cave system. Initially they were Hostile as they thought we were simply there to kill them. Sadly it took some violence to reach a point of conversation to learn that they had been displaced by said elementals. They provided no further conflict once words were used and provided our fellowship with directions to the problem. Arriving we found what seemed to be an otherwise quaint and happy hov ravaged by a standing gate/tear to the Plane of Magma.

Said gate/tear chaotically expelled randomly Bolts and area of effect blasts of the corresponding energies. While the elementals were being contained the gate/tear was investigated. Where we found remains of a shattered Circle of Power which had been previously carved into the stone ground and burned remains of a illegible ritual scroll and destroyed reagents. Ultimately we were able to violently draw elementals from the portal until it began to "stabilize". Once achieved we bound it with a new Spellcrafted Circle of Power...

Informing the Orcs of our findings we discovered that the High Shamman of this clan was casting a ritual, which backfired beyond expectations. Due to another appointment for service with the Earth Guild, we could not sit and theory craft with the Shaman to learn why it Backlashed, as the Shaman seemed shocked by the turn of events as what transpired was evidently not something thought to be possible from his reading of the scroll.

The gate/tear decimated their entire Clan's lives, stuff, cave grown crops - everything. However due to Pax Humanis, among other base fears & prejudice - any attempt thus far to gain aid has been met with violence (hence their initial preemptive self defense against us). The High Shaman of the Clan has asked for a Destroy Magic set - which he is able and willing to face the danger of the rift to cast and dismantle the gate/tear. In return, he is willing to promise his Clan's aid to Dutchess Fairfax for a time. All in all they simply wish for their new home back and the ability to rebuild.

I have coordinated with the Solar Guild who has agreed to commit to renewing the spellcrafted Circle of Power for 1 month. To allow time to either find the needed Destroy Magic Set, or find agreeable alternatives. In coordination with the Earth Guild, Solar Koshinari & Guild Leader Krugar agree to the dangers this tear represents and don't overlook the possibility of new allies at the behest of the Dutchess. Thus have agreed to dispatch resources to search wayside for the ritual scroll to be given to me in a month's time. However they don't have the catalyst and can not currently spare additional resources to search for it. Thus if to be undertaken, at our next market adventures who may be willing to part with one they have, or go and search for it will be needed.

As I know that Sir Kurzon has in the past been empowered to negotiate affairs on behalf of Her Grace; I have included him in this portion of my "New Friends, New Problems and New Potential Allies" report. The Orcs themself seem very capable fighters and Scholars of both schools. Their exact number is unknown but as new residents they seem willing to at least protect the Dutchy from threats if the Dutchy is able to help them keep their new home. With Olothian raids on the rise, we agreed to try to help and promises would be made in a month's time.

When returning to the gate/tear, I suspect once the Circle of Power is down it will flair with power and expell both energies and elementals - however it should be nothing that 1 or 2 seasoned adventurers can't handle. Particularly if they employ "weak elementals are stupid" tactics.

If visiting this enclave of Orc, please go with Yumo. Beryl Bunchberry or Myself could do in a pinch as they would recognize us and know that we are "decision people like the Dutchess". But they like and trust Yumo, so he should be the first choice of escort.
Yumo and I were planning to carefully fiddle around with the portal and try to how to best understand the plane of magma. Any others, scholars included, are welcome to come and help us learn and understand.