(4) NP: Vampire Sighting


Chicago Staff
Two years ago when Ten, Nikki, and Ezrin joined our adventuring community. Beryl & I took them out to test their new adventuring spirit in reported problems nearby LifeStorm Keep. We encountered a very clever Vampire filled with humorous satire. (Vampire or not, funny is still funny) ultimately after some violence and necromancy he had to go. However Beryl and I were still new ourselves to the finer workings of uncommon creatures such as vampires. So a dissipated body totally meant he died.

Turns out, now two years later, the undead issue the Earth Guild wished to investigate was discovered to be a much more serious threat than they thought as discovered by a scout of the Guild. Thus the Guild supplied our group with a Lesser Ritual of Woe as the scout saw and then fled from a vampire.

Upon our arrival we find our old friend who has all but gathered himself in the noteworthy Necromantic Circle of Power, and Obsidian Obelisks surrounding it drawing power to the circle and defiled land around it & them getting worse. However today the Vampire was not filled with his usual banter as he was clearly ritual casting.

Destroying an Obelisk released terrible energy and summoned forth an impressive undead monster. It had a positive, however, Backlashing the Vampire's ritual.

After the second Obelisk was destroyed it again was terrible, summoned forth bad and again backlashed the next ritual the vampire had started.

Bad had begun to devolve to worse and the Vampire began to use time between casting to Vampire Charm those who held his unfortunate gaze.

Time before the third obelisk took some effort and the vampire was able to successfully cast some rituals. Then worse went to terribly wrong as the third obelisk released a Litch, whom eventually was able to complete a Death Knight Transformation.

A lot of chaos, violence, and death ensued. All the while our Vampire friend had found his witty banter… but today it was more vitriol and "damn you Adventurers and your dog too" eventually the Litch was killed, and sadly our transformed ally was faced with a circle beat, as said it was mostly new adventurers this day, who thought death was the only option.

Ultimately, the Vampire graciously and with many insults and threats allowed the Earth scholars to collect the dead and dying, under threat to not abuse his kindness. Meanwhile, someone who had been forced to flee via Vampire Charm… fled indeed - all the way back to Guild Leader Krugars Office. Who returned with an empowered vengeance and was able to Mass Life those dead within the Circle of Power. As Krugar was a Earth Scholar - the vampire remained committed to his word and allowed him to assist in the collection of the dead and dying. Meanwhile the Non-Earth Scholars remaining within the Circle of Power to not forfeit the granted safe passage of our Healers.

Eventually the Vampire voluntarily leaving us to our needed Resurrections with the parting reminder that he simply wishes to be left alone and if we continue to test his patience there will be consequences.


Was anyone bitten? We need to prepare to help them if they were.

Renshi Ignathis Nachtfeuer


Chicago Staff
I will triple check as I spent my fair share of time dieing or dead myself - however I believe we are safe on this front.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
If you or anyone else there has taken a transformative bite from a vampire, you'd know it.

Trust me.

~ Gandian Ravenscroft