4th of July 2 from Chicago

Heya San Francisco!

Some of you, very few, might remember me from the old Nero West days, I played an elf named Jaynen Oath-heart for a few events before moving back to CHI-Town.

I will be taking the lovely Ms. Pacillo on a trip for her birthday (so I'm a few months late sue me :D) and we will be doing the tourist thing for a day or two in SF prior to the event visiting Fisherman's Wharf, Muir Woods, possibly lunch or dinner at the Cliff-house, etc.

Anyone is welcome to join us if they would like to and we will be renting a car for the "tourist" portion of our vacation to get around. However, we both feel its kinda of stupid to rent a car for it to sit for 3 days so a ride to the event from the San Mateo area. If someone wants to open their homes to a few weary travelers I would not be opposed to it as it could save me a few hundred bucks on a hotel room but its not necessary if its an imposition.

We could also use any help with bedding (2 blankets 2 pillows) that people can provide and possibly with ferrying our shields and longsword to the event as we may have to mail them out.

If anyone can meet any of these wild demands please contact me. We look forward to seeing you guys.


Paul F.


If you're in the San Mateo area and only need space for 2 in a carpool, I can hook you up. Same goes for sleeping bags and pillows. I can even offer up a spare tent and air mattresses. I have a 4 door pick up truck with a camper shell. Currently, it is myself and Warlock in my truck, for the event.
Mike right?

What time are you guys leaving?



We usually try to head to the campsite around 4pm or so, to give us enough time to set up our tent and settle in.
Sounds peachy to us. :)

Any volunteers to spread the love around and drive us back to SFO by 3:00-4:00 PM on Sunday?




Calgary Staff
I'm actually attending! Renting a car, so if nothing else, I can give you a ride back to the airport. I leave on Monday morning. :thumbsup: