7/23 Game Day Teaser


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The Town of the Crowning Sun is in Elajis De La Sol (Great land of the Sun) in the Principality of Tarjis know as the Ravisheda (Principality) of the Wild Wind near both the border of the Elajis Morah (Contested Land) and the border of the Wilds. The Town of the Crowning Sun often finds itself under attack from raiding parties of Saghar (Gnolls, but the word means filth) and their allies, the Saghar De La Saghar (Hyena and other Wild Dog Wilderkin) and the Saghar Za (kobolds). Being near the Wilds they do trade with the Manti (Barbarians), Ghorvah (Wild Elves), and Pashu (Non-canid Wilderkin of the Desert/Saharah), however that also means they are sometimes under assalt from the many dangers of the the Wilds, including Sand Worms and the Wandering Horde. While it is not without its dangers, The Town of the Crowning Sun is considered a peaceful place, after all Qettek (Sarr) would grow listless and bored were there no enemies to ever fight. However excitment sparked recently when something streaked from the western night sky and crashed in the Elajis Morah. Ever since then the Saghar and their troops have been enboldened and fight with not only new fervor, but new and strange power as well.

Soon after the Aggresive Saghar attacks, In the far of Town of Brimm's Watch. It seems the town is a buzz with news of a Strange Cathwyllt(Sarr) calling himself like a Qattak (Sarr) messenger arriving and is having a meeting with the Barron reguarding for far away Principalites.

What awaits the Mystwalkers in these far off land?

What strange folk, customs, and mysteries will the far Principalites hold for our them?

Find out at the next Enerret Faire Day on Sunday 7/23

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Our faire day is this Sunday! We will have Manti!!! Qattek!!! Come and meet our locals and enjoy the unique culture of the Principalities!!! Ladies!!! We will be looking to YOU to double hook in the most awesome mod at the faire day!!! Be sure to ask for more info at check in if you’re interested. Thank you and see you this Sunday Sunday Sunday at Stulstaf Park!!!