7-9 September Favorites!


Charlottesville Staff
A friend of mine just asked me how the weekend went. I summed it up thusly: I died, I amost cried, and I loved every minute of it!

Thanks for a completely amazing weekend for what may be my last for a while...My character started the weekend motivated only to help the Dwarves only in the local area and now he has motivations to help all the people of Fortannis as well as a Knightly/Noble group to strive toward becoming a member of.

I'll try to write out more favorites later, but now it's time to pass out!



Re: 7-9 August Favorites!

Favorite quote: person A "Why is Kart marrying a 8 year old girl?" person B "Ritual backlash."

Favorite scene: Rapheal's spirit shatters in the last battle. The battle goes on so long that he's able to go to the circle rezz and come back into the fight (where his spirit almost gets shattered again).



- Being a High Orc ordered to retreat. Having to take Snag's lesson about bottling my rage to heart was really, really awesome. (I only wish it had been OOG safer for me to back out of every fight we were in, but on some of those hills I was at risk of falling and crushing people.)
- Sitting in the tavern, angry, and having a squire walk up to me, clap me on the shoulder, and tell me I did a phenomenal job out there. I almost cried both IG and OOG.
- Sitting in the Ward, fuming, looking around at some tired and beaten lowbies, trying to decide how to deal with the Big Bad possibly coming down and destroying our Ward and killing all of us; and all of us agreeing that the thing to do was to make a last stand. It felt like the most awesome in-character decision I have ever made, even though I knew OOG there was no way that stand was going to work.
- The final battle. We were sore and tired IG and OOG, our skills were depleted, we were getting slammed again and again by waves of undead, with no mercy on anyone's face, and somehow we were getting through all of it. I don't love full-tilt fighting all the time but this was the right time for it and it was gorgeously done.
- Being level 9, turning around from a kill, and seeing the big bad of the entire campaign, right there, in sword reach...and having him look scared when I waded in and started hitting him. Never have I been so proud to get hit by a Terror.
- The hugging, whooping, roaring, and celebrating at the end of the battle. You really saw that for all we had our differences, the heroes were a dysfunctional family with immense respect and love for each other, and it was an awesome thing to be a part of.

This event was and will be pivotal for my character going forward, as much so as Snag offering him that blue belt his first event. I had a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to the next incarnation of the SF chapter immensely. Good work everybody!


I have to say that I had many great moments this event. You guys rocked it!

My favorite random RP moment was in a circle. I was playing "Skeletal Chaos Summoner #2", the players jumped me and through some shenanigans the players stop me and my ritual backlashes. The result being that I'm in a haven of the living with 3 players that are "permanently" feebleminded. The four of us are in a circle, nobody has ingame abilities, and the 3 PCs are acting like idiots. To top it all off there's a giant war happening all around us, a fight involving probably 50 people. Hilarious times, I have to say. Props to the players RPing the feeblemind.

The trap. I had a great time making people sweat with a giant trap on a mod. People kept getting further and further away as described the sounds they heard and the poor sleep deprived "locksmith" was sweating bullets by the end.

The reviews at listen up. It's always great to know that your hard work is appreciated!


Opening. :D Also:
The Duke: "Is it clear for me to slip out now?"
Me: "No Sir." *arms up* "Now it is." *follows*

Almost eating a shatter spirit because I was just that damned annoying to the BBG.

"Press. Press. Press." And the conversation afterward from he-Desh of the moment he realized what we were pressing on.

The tavern assault before the big fight. We earned that spanking.

Standing at Camp Spooky for the BBG fight. Screw the tavern.

Telling The Desh what actually went down (at least from my point of view) with certain others, and Finn saying "Yes, I knew that. You should know I knew that.
Then, later in the event when the portal opens up, having Finn barrel down on me and order me not to go through the portal, only to have he-Desh explain that I had just said pretty much everything he just did, being able to smirk at him and throw his own words back into his face. ;)


Going more than 24 hours with no sleep, having Madhawk tease me about it, then having him make a lock out of 20+ feet of rope, and imitate a clicking timer going off in the chest by tapping the table.....faster......faster....and faster.

Playing dead, and watching my friends dissipate right before my eyes, but noting the undead right by them and having no way to stop it.

Random Player - "WE NEED A LIFE SPELL!!!"
Tolgar - "Who needs a life spell?"
Random Player - "EVERYBODY!!!!!"

Saving Swift's butt from being handed to him by a couple of NPC's.

There were a lot of great moments, and a lot of situations that have actually guided me to decide on a changing the long term development of my character. I had one thing in mind, but after this weekend, I feel it just wouldn't be right to continue down the path I was on. It's amazing how such an incredible IG experience can mold your OOG perceptions of your character, and really guide your path.