A Call to All Rumeria


[This letter can be found in-game posted around the Havenport-Shelterdoor and Dornwich areas, as well as in the dreaming]

Rumerians, travelers, and mist-walkers,

I am looking to create a compendium of information on the Blight. This menace has ravaged our lands for too long, and the lack of information available on the front lines has hindered our success in pushing back the blight many times. If you have ANY information regarding this plague, send what you know to the Reinhold Caravan outside Havenport-Shelterdoor, or reach out in the dreaming. I care not if the only thing you know is that the Blight is called Blight--send me whatever knowledge you have, no matter how small or insignificant it may be. If you have previously given me information, send it again. As of now I am compiling written accounts of everything we know, to give access to each adventurer that chooses to aid us in this fight. I fear that the upcoming gathering may determine the fate of out shard.

Haste is of the essence, and I hope to hear from many of you soon.

Lilliana H. Reinhold

[oog, I would love PCs to send me info either here or on discord, or even written out in-game if you'd like lol]