A Call to The Maelstrom [Big West Hook]

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  1. Shin

    Shin Artisan

    To All those of Aer'Astria,

    I know many of you as Heroes and Friends. Many of you from The Golden Horn and even before that. I call now to each of you, each of you I have had the honor and privilege to stand beside in defense Sedovia and all those who I have yet to stand beside.

    I call to you all in need of your help.

    The Maelstrom faces the threats that pervade Aer'Astria. These threats work in concert together. Those Wretched Beings of the Outside that make ceaseless war upon the inhabitants of the Fortannis now threaten the Maelstrom.

    Some of you fought Aelin Mor and the Outsider Sightless in the Neverwhen, some have heard tales of them and their forces. We face an extraordinary Outsider threat now, in the wake of their defeat in the Neverwhen.

    If they consume Maelstrom, if we do not succeed, their influence and destruction will spread forth to all lands of Fortannis. They will not stop until Fortannis is no more. These are the truest enemies of Fortannis. We need you All to come help us fight them.

    It is in this fight against them that I call to you All, to unite all of those Mist Walkers of other Lands, together in common purpose against our common foe.

    We have an opportunity to strike back. No longer merely defending our lands. Those cults of Oblivion, the Outsiders that plagues our lands - we have an opportunity to strike back. And with all of your aid, we may very well succeed in doing so.

    The journey through the mist to the Maelstrom is perilous. There are many dangers that lie in wait within the Mists of the Maelstrom. I will aid any of those who would join us in this war against the Outside in the cross into the Maelstrom to battle this foe. Meet me in Foxbridge and together we will stand against the darkness in the Maelstrom.

    Please, if you can hear this call send answer. Together, we are strongest. In the protection of The Land.

    Hope burns Bright. Now and Always. We stand as one Fortannis United.

    In Service to the Light and Fortannis
    - Squire Shin Shanshi
    House of the Zodiac
    Order of the New Moon
  2. Durnic

    Durnic Fighter Owner Oregon Staff Marshal


    You know that I will be there. I will be bringing with me most of my kin from the Meadows. We will stand side-by-side with you as we did in the Neverwhen.

    -Durnic Daeron
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  3. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    Friends of Aer'Astria,

    Those who still remember me from the days before, I look forward to seeing any of you in this war ahead.

    Life shapes us all, for better and worse. I would love to find out how it has done for you these last few years.

    Let us share battle, stories, and drinks!

    Primal Shaman of Stradyn
  4. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    *A particularly haunted and unhappy voice speaks*

    I will fulfill my oaths against those that lie outside the skien. I will be there.
  5. Mortikai

    Mortikai Newbie

    I intend to be what help I can, though I intend to be traveling light. If there are specific things I should sift through my stash and add to my pack, that information would be greatly helpful.
  6. Shin

    Shin Artisan


    I'll contact you directly. There are some things no doubt that should be on hand, as it is a situation not unfamiliar to you, I would imagine.

    In Service,
    Squire Shin Shanshi

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