A clearing near the Lux

Elly enters a clearing in the forest she's heard about. She looks around her, listening, though the heavy rain might mask the footsteps she's listening for. She draws her cloak tighter about herself, taking shelter under the trees as best she can. "Just my luck," she mutters to herself. "Perfectly silly, he's probably nice and cosy at Jinn's house with a delightful warm tea." She presses back against the trees and settles in to wait.


“Peaceful isn’t it?” He says as he emerges from the forest. His eyes remain closed; as he walks somewhat closer. “When it rains this long the forest all but goes to sleep” he looks as though he’s been trekking through mud, and his cloths look as though they may weigh as much as he does. His body trembles from the chill that’s set itself in his bones.
“I wouldn’t advise staying out here too long though, you might catch your death.” He opens his eyes to look at her. His face very friendly.
Elly jumps a little at the sound. "Should've known you'd be out here in the soaking wet, mister mysterious," she chuckles, brushing the newest coating of rain off her cloak. "I wanted to apologize, I rather ambushed you at the sanctum, I was just so excited..." She clears her throat. "Anyway. I wanted to... well." She throws her hands up. "I don't know I'm any good at this. I... heard what you said at the tavern. About leaving. I just wanted to check if everything... was okay?" Her tone is earnest but her eyes are keen.


Calan chuckles at the mention of being mysterious. “You didn’t even meet me during my mask phase.” He lets out a little laugh. “there is no need to apologize you did nothing wrong.” He pauses to choose his words carefully. “ I , am, well, that’s a hard question to answer simply. I suppose it depends on the context.” Calan struggles to find the right words. It’s not often he’s sought out specifically. “There is a lot going on, at the moment so many moving parts not all of which are acting together. It’s frustrating at times. Then there are personal issues that have cropped up the last while. I know I mentioned leaving but there is too much here, and too many people I care for. I couldn’t leave what I love behind,at least not permanently. I question my value...” Calan stops himself. “ But none of that is really worth talking about; I can’t imagine you sought me out here in this weather for just that. What is it you really wish to speak about?”
Calans tone is very warm and friendly. “How are you? What can I do to help you?”
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Almost as if on cue, the rain finally seemed to stop. Wringing out her cloak, she says, "I know what you mean. I never thought this whole Brighton thing would be so complicated, never mind also worrying about a necromancer and a dragon and a vampire. It's hard to know what's most important."

She sets her cloak over a nearby branch, hesitating. "Well. I know you've got quite a bit on your mind right now... I just didn't want to be an extra burden is all. I..." She finds a way to force the words out. "... understand if a backwater town isn't high on your priority list. I'm trying to do my best to understand what is, and maybe if I can help." She laughs. "Does that make sense?"


Calan grimaces and then softens. "I don't think of Brighton as a backwater town, nor do see it as a waste of time." he pauses. "I can see how given how I have spoken about other tasks I may have given you that idea. That was not my intention for that I am deeply sorry." Calan removes his cloak and also begins to ring it out before hanging it onto a near branch to dry out. grabbing fist fulls of his other garments and ringing them out while he speaks so as not to have to remove any further clothing at the moment.

"I am very fascinated with anything to do with time magic. everything to do with that makes me shamefully excited. something of this magnitude is worth getting to the bottom of even with all that's going on because time magic is no joke, if our enemies are not involved with it already, its not something we want them to turn their attention towards." Calan begins rummaging through a nearby hollowed stump with branches piled on it. he reveals a kettle big enough for two cups and kindling. given how often he hides things in various nooks and crannies he often wondered if he wasn't meant to be a ferret kin.

"This might be a bit smokey at first but I promise it will be worth it," he said as he started a fire to some small branches. he filled the small kettle with a flask of water from his pouch. "where was I? ah, yes time magic. Fascinating stuff I have on more than one occasion spent time in the libraries researching something to do with it. The nature of time is funny in the sense that it is very real, and in some ways not real at all. Jinn goes on and on about the non-existence of time and I am inclined to agree." Calan lets out a laugh. "with the exception of his insistence that he time travels two-plus days into the future; getting blackout drunk or passing out for a few days doesn't count as time travel. Now the time we traveled back and saw how the dryads here came to hate necromancy, that was time travel. Our past became our future, and likewise, our future became our past. Time is fluid and doesn't seem to behave in a way that we can really understand." Calan looks back to Elinor. "I am sorry I am rambling. The short of it is I want nothing more than to be a part of this, to help you and see it through contrary to how I may talk about other things. my trouble is that this is a very personal endeavor, which you are very passionate about. I personally do not feel comfortable telling you how to deal with it, or with whom you should enlist to see it through. I also see you as an equal while you may be an initiate in name your arcane skill all but matches my own. Titles are strange things. they are words we decide how much power we allow them to have. I would gladly stand at your side any day but the only reason I wish to stand ahead of you is to intercept something that would otherwise harm you. I will gladly help you with any task you ask for help with. But I can not in good spirit tell you what to do when it comes to something so near and dear to your own heart. does that make sense?"

he settles in trying to get the flames to grow enough to start warming the kettle.
"You sound like Xorta. But less vague and headache-y." She rubs her temple absent-mindedly at the thought. "Well I'm happy to hear this is an interest of yours because I don't know that I can wrap my head around it. Xorta described something like an ant walking a line on a beach. The ant can't affect the line without leaving it, but to leave it was to attract the attention of bad things. Or something," she shrugs.

"He did say that he didn't see any signs of time elementals, though... and there's some conjuration business with the sword I'm going to ask Master Kalios about."

She folds her arms and watches as the kettle warms. "I suppose all I really wanted to say was, if you needed to take a bit of time for yourself, to... process, I think I can manage. At least for now; stars only know how I'll manage more than one conversation with Xorta in my lifetime."


Calan smirks. “This might break your break but as I understand xorta is dead so when you do meet him you are always meeting him in the past, and yet it’s the present for both of you. It’s entirely possible to meet him at an earlier time when he hasn’t met you yet. But yes leaving time does catch the attention of greater things. I had once been tempted to stay in the past but my fear of consequences out weighed my curiosity. I also happened to be blind at the time so it would have been less interesting.” Calan stares off as he imagine what might have been. “Not that it wouldn’t have still been something to circle back around and meet everyone hundreds of years latter. But even then jinn would still crack jokes about me being the youngest, and claim time doesn’t exist.”
Calan looks in on the water little bubbles beginning to form.
“Never fear asking me for aid. No matter what the task is.”
Two horned figures walk through the forest, speaking in hushed voices. Jinn's voice echoes quietly through the trees.

"I know, it is a lot more peaceful in here. I may join you one day, but I still have work to finish outside this forest." Jinn says quietly to the other figure. They embrace and the other person walks deeper into the forest, slowly disappearing in the greenery.

Spotting his two students speaking Jinn holds off making himself known just yet, assuming they had heard his voice and would let him know when they were finished.
Instinctively, Elly's hand goes to her sword, then relaxes hearing Jinn's voice more clearly. She looks back to Calan with a small smile. "Well, if you find yourself bored this month, I do need a little help finding out about that Brightborn clan I mentioned. I think they made the sword I found and it would be good to know if this sword is an important one of theirs, seeing as it was once enchanted."

To no one in particular, she says loudly, "Gee, it's so rude to call Jinn a thick-headed, troll licking, fart-eating insect." She tuts. "What would the magus say."


Calan not looking up from the kettle water beginning to boil now he pulls it off of the small fire.
Rummaging through his pouches he pulls out a small bag of dried herbs.
“You’ll have to excuse the crude ness of this I don’t have a strainer or proper pot.”
Calans head cocks to listen to the voices. He knows one very well but the other he isn’t familiar with. Given the context of the statement though it really could only have been one other person.

He smiles at Elinors reaction to Jinns emergence.Without skipping a beat he continues. “ hey, to be fair there are a lot of days the magus would agree with that statement. He may even go so far as to say it’s a shame that Balanox’ curse ought to have been left as it was.” Calan laughs “I’m afraid I won’t have enough tea for all of us. So if you would care for a cup speak now or forever hold your peace.” Calan Says aloud in Jinns direction.
"I imagine there are times he wishes that curse had stuck, however, i wouldn't be able to maintain my youthful looks if I was no longer able to yell the life out of humans." Jinn replies with a smile, moving branches out of his was as he walks towards his students.

"I would also agree that I can be thick headed, and have absolutely licked a troll." He says with a wink.

"Now that everyone is finished sucking the life out of Evo, I wanted to come and see how both of you were doing. How are my two favorite students faring?"


“I cannot speak for this wonderful spirit but I am not half bad all things considered. How about your selves?” Calan having realized he hadn’t asked his companion how she was doing.
“While I’ve never heard about the troll it wouldn’t shock me given that you once married a spider.”
"When it comes to Jinn's exploits, I no longer have the novelty of being surprised."

Her cheeks turn a little pink. "Faring? Good, I suppose, given I may have unraveled some elemental power and unleashed devastation on my hometown by touching a silly sword." She laughs nervously. "Hopefully Kalios and Billin will be able to help me sort it out. And what about you, Jinn? Hopefully not too... distracted?" She raises an eyebrow in the direction she heard the voices from.
Jinn smiles warmly "I have know some of the denizens of this forest for a few years now, and some have taught me a great many things. I like to catch up from time to time, but fear not, I am not to..... distracted... as you put it." He says, emphasizing the word.

Turning to Calan, he says with a laugh. "Ah yes, my third marriage was not my doing. It was the will of a greater fae, so I did not argue it. It will stand as the shortest marriage I have ever, and will ever have. I will also partake of a cup of tea, if you have some to spare."

Jinn walks into the clearing and brushes off a log to sit on.

"Now don't feel to bad about unleashing some unknown cataclysmic power on the world Elly, that is not that rare of an occurence around here. Evo has filled me in on your findings and the wonderful, informative, and absolutely not pull your hair out frustrating conversation with Xorta you had. I'm glad that you are making headway, even if it isn't as much as you hoped." Jinn pauses for a moment and his grows slightly more serious. "

Before anything else though I wanted to apologize if I seemed short with you at the meeting we had the other night. Your opinions will always be valid to me, but as an initiate in the sanctum there is a time and place to voice them. Offical sanctum meetings not being the place to speak over someone of higher rank. But I also realize that during those meetings I can be more abrupt then I normally am, and wanted to make sure you understood that was not my meaning. Never be afraid to voice anything to me, just pick your moments and we will be all good. As for your initiate status, I will ensure that will be rectified at the next sanctum meeting. I hope that makes sense to you, none of what happened was your fault and I should remember what kind of tone I can carry when I am agitated."

Jinn smile returns, and he warms his hands near the fire.

"You are vocal and headstrong, and I mean that in a good way. The sanctum is better for having you, but until you have worked your way up you will find that there will be moments like that one. Trust me, I have also learned this the hard way. Ranks and titles and all of that are not something my people even entertain back home, and it took more than a few talking to's before i started to learn. But me and the magus both agree that you won't have to worry for that long."

Jinn then turns to Calan.

"We also did talk about you and your assignment. I know that you have been instructed to report directly to Evo, much like the varying assignments that I've had over the past two years. All i ask that you also keep me in the loop. He does have alot on his proverbial plate, and I am doing my best to assist him where I can."

"Now that we have the student teacher stuff out of the way, I am doing rather well. Me and Evo had a very long discussion and covered many different topics, including letters professing love. It eased my mind immensely and I am seemingly ready to tackle the day."
Elly nods, a little embarrassed. "In hindsight, I maybe spoke where it wasn't my place to. I'm still learning where I can be an advocate and where I need to hold my tongue," she chuckles. "I do still think we should help those who ask whenever we can, though maybe growing up in a library makes me a little biased."

Her embarrassment grows with Jinn's words. "Well I certainly hope I can live up to expectations. Xorta used some awfully fancy titles with me, which was a little flattering but mostly frightening." She suppresses a shudder. "Most of the people around here with big, fancy titles earned them doing big, scary things."

"Love letters?" She raises a brow. "Is this something I'm privy to or is this where I should hold my tongue?"


Calan laughs. “ you mentioned giving Evo a letter and were a bit sheepish at the time. He’s insinuating you intended to give him a love letter. Which is likely infinitely more juicy than the truth.”
Calan pours the tea into two copper cups.
he offers each of them to his companions. “They will be a little hot to the touch traditional cups don’t travel well.”
Jinn strokes his chin. "Interesting, what titles did he use for you? It is true that they can be earned by doing some big scary things, but with Xorta you never know what version of you he is talking about. I will bet a plat that while that was the first time you had spoken to him, that it most certainly was not the first time he had spoken to you. So you may have some time to grow into those titles, or now that you know something could have changed and you may end up with different ones." Jinn shrugs. "Xorta is funny like that, he see's so man different outcomes."

Jinn laughs as Calan explains the letter. "That could be it, or maybe me and Evo got taking about the past, whose to say. This conversation started with me talking about my third marriage. I'm sure Evo has felt the burning passion of live before... well... at least I hope he had."

Jinn takes the cup and slowly blows onto the steaming liquid inside, then takes a small sip.


Curiosity bubbles inside of Calan . “What titles did he use? Jinn is right though time isn’t fixed it’s fluid so knowing the titles could be what motivates you to get them, at the same time knowing them could prevent you from earning them. But the mind bender ends up being if you start to wonder things like if knowing the future causes the future would it be different had you not known?” Calan smiles . An image of jinn talking to people from the past pops into his mind. Not a real instance an imagined one. Where he feeds them slightly off information for the fun of it. “Best not to dwell on these things.”
"In the end it is comforting knowing that Xorta has made it clear he will not meddle with our reality, as someone who can see every outcome of everything that could happen... now that is just to much power."

Jinn slowly sips his tea, stretching his legs out.